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    Men’s team looks to bolster resume for NCAA

    Tulsa upset SMU on the road to bolster their NCAA resume, but lost in the final minutes to UConn in Storrs. Going into the final month of the season, TU is on the March Madness bubble.
    Joseph Edmunds

    Democracy Spring deserves more media attention

    Hundreds of protesters were arrested at the US capitol last week. Mainstream media neglected to cover this despite its historical significance.
    Kayleigh Thesenvitz

    Confused nation sends Oklahoma support after earthquake

    After last week’s earthquake, a national community sent a wave of unnecessary aid due to a spree of dramatic social media posts.
    Sarah Odom

    Improve TU: Arts and Sciences majors deserve respect

    Students who choose to pursue liberal arts degrees based on their skills and interests deserve respect for their work.
    Sarah Hartley

    Admissions uses social media, campus visits to lure prospective students

    Student Life Reporter Michaela Flonard investigates how TU admissions hopes to attract the students who will have the best experience at TU.
    Michaela Flonard