Anti-violence programming becomes a fixture at TU 28 August 2015

This school year, campus organizations from the student-run SAVE to the Collins Fitness Center have put on anti-violence programs.

Nikki Hager
Editorial Consultant

A guide to gay Tulsa: Local LGBT+ resources 28 August 2015

The resources available to the LGBT+ community in Tulsa are more varied than one might expect.

Tara Grigson
Student Writer

Off-campus dining options for less than ten dollars 28 August 2015

Tired of the on-campus dining grind, but still trying to save a couple bucks? The Collegian’s got your back.

Kayleigh Thesenvitz
Variety Editor

Mental health resources available in Tulsa 28 August 2015

Regardless of mental health diagnosis, there are plenty of resources that students should not be afraid to use.

Tara Grigson
Student Writer

A sports fan’s guide: Tulsa sports teams 28 August 2015

Sports fans have numerous oppurtunities to have fun at Tulsa sporting events.

Matt Rechtien
Sports Editor

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