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    Two TU alumni featured in Burning City Orchestra’s newest album

    Burning City Orchestra, an orchestral rock group with two TU Alumni, released their first incredibly distinctive album.
    Savanna Deweese

    Rep. Griffith sponsors bill to combat rape in Okla. schools

    A bill aimed at combating rape and sexual assault in public schools passed commitee Tuesday.
    Brennen VanderVeen

    Drillers recap 4/10 – 4/18

    After one week, the Drillers are struggling to find consistency, especially on the offensive side of the ball.
    Wade Crawford

    Reptilians reveal themselves to world, denounce claims that Trump is one of them

    Conspiracy theories were confirmed last week as the long-rumored Reptilian race revealed themselves in order to debunk theories that they are in any way involved with Donald Trump’s campaign.
    Adam Lux

    Congress should pass Obama’s tax plan

    President Obama is reforming the tax system in an effort to benefit the middle class; if Congress complains it will look bad for them. Features Editor Morgan Krueger declares.