Voices for acceptance 28 September 2015

On Thursday, September 24, an informative panel gathered to discuss transgender people of color and their roles, rights and struggles in a predominantly cisgendered society. Three people of color from the Tulsa LGBT community came to speak and share their individual experiences.

Natalie Wood
Student Writer

Candidate Profile: Bernie Sanders 28 September 2015

Currently polling in second place in the Democratic primary race, Sanders’ main issues are economic inequality and the growing cost of attending university.

Lauren Rogers
Student Writer

Trump speaks at state fair in Oklahoma City 28 September 2015

Trump found no shortage of supporters during his speech in Oklahoma City last Friday.

Morgan Krueger

Sanders falls short 28 September 2015

Bernie Sanders is both very vulnerable to losing in a general election and very wrong on various policies.

Brennen VanderVeen
Student Writer

Sanders offers hope 28 September 2015

Bernie Sanders is the only presidential candidate who is truly capable of representing the average American.

Lauren Delucchi
Student Writer

Condragulations: On drag queens, puns and toxic masculinity 28 September 2015

By embracing feminine personalities, drag queens combat toxic masculinity and redefine what it means to be a man.

Tara Grigson
Student Writer

Baseball predictions, oh how wrong we were 28 September 2015

Last year Collegian sports writers collaborated on an article titled “Count down to baseball, how will the divisions play out in 2015.” As it turns out, most of our predictions were off the mark. Here’s a look at our predictions and what really happened.

Matt Rechtien
Sports Editor