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    CAIR-OK supports troops, is met with undue hate

    CAIR-OK, a local American-Islamic relations organization, was met with hate when it participated in the Tulsa Veteran’s Day parade with the intention of supporting American troops. This response was completely unwarranted.
    Tara Grigson

    Facebook facial recognition is convenient, not creepy

    Facebook Messenger’s new facial recognition technology is an impressive and convenient advance.
    James Terrell

    TU Ten: Best Planets in the World

    Fraser Kastner

    Single transferable vote leaves no vote behind

    In this week’s adventures in Flatland, the shapes take a look at single transferable vote. It might just be a system that makes everybody happy.
    Sam Beckmann

    History in the making: Women’s tennis wins first AAC title

    The women’s tennis team added to the Golden Hurricane’s conference titles, with a win over the University of Houston in the American Athletic Conference Tournament.
    Matt Rechtien