Okla. criminal offenders face housing struggles 21 April 2016

Many Oklahoma offenders find themselves homeless, which feeds into a cycle of poverty, crime and incarceration.

Michaela Flonard
Apprentice Editor

TU’s Spectacular Seniors 21 April 2016

We asked the deans of each college to nominate outstanding seniors in their fields. The nominees are profiled below.

James Whisenhunt
Apprentice Editor

Autism Awareness should be replaced with Acceptance 21 April 2016

Instead of Autism Awareness Month, April should be considered Autism Acceptance Month. Many autistic self-advocates consider an Acceptance holiday to be a more progressive step.

Michaela Flonard
Apprentice Editor

Thanks for everything, you ungrateful bastards 21 April 2016

The graduating managing editor wonders why TU's students don't care.

Fraser Kastner
Managing Editor

I have no idea how this lasted so long, see ya nerds 21 April 2016

The graduating Variety editor says goodbye.

Abigail Labounty
Variety Editor

Sponsored Content: TU awesome, has no problems 21 April 2016

Sam Chott
Stepford Student

Letter from the propagandist 21 April 2016

The head propagandist, finally free of the grip of the State, leaves some words of wisdom for her predecessor.

Caitlin Woods
State-Run Editor

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