A letter to TU students from President Gerry Clancy: 17 January 2017

What’s cooking on the hot stove this season 17 January 2017

With the long offseason quickly coming to a close, we take a look at where some of baseball’s biggest stars will play next year.

Justin Guglielmetti
Sports Writer

Kirk Smith wins Rhodes Scholarship to study at Oxford 17 January 2017

TU Presidential Scholar, athlete and mechanical engineering senior Kirk Smith was awarded the Rhodes Scholarship for 2017.

Michaela Flonard
News Editor

TU student Kate Tillotson awarded Student Veteran of the Year 17 January 2017

Since being elected president of TU’s SVA chapter, Tillotson has made an effort to reach out to millennial veterans.

Trenton Gibbons
Variety Editor

Comedy Parlor improv groups’ hits outnumber misses 17 January 2017

Despite some missteps, Comfort Creatures and Two Guys & Pie brought good chemistry and character work to their sets.

James Whisenhunt
Commentary Editor

Hofmeister’s education budget request should be approved 17 January 2017

The additional $221 million for state education should be a top priority for Oklahoma.

Nathan Hinkle
Student Writer

A two-tier system would be ideal for REAL ID 17 January 2017

Oklahoma should move toward REAl ID compliance with a two-option solution for state citizens.

Brennen VanderVeen
Student Writer

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    TU’s Capture the Flag headed to cybersecurity competition in New York

    Capture the Flag, TU’s competitive cybersecurity team, is looking forward to a successful year and an upcoming finals competition in New York.
    Hannah Kloppenburg

     Campus coffee shops rated by poetry written there

    Not sure which campus coffee shop to go to? A State-Run poet went to each of them, and reported back on which was best for his poetry.
    Adam Lux

    Little Blue House’s Wachowski promoted to director

    Jennie Wachowski took over as interim director of United Campus Ministries last fall. This semester she has been officially promoted to executive director. Student Writer Kayleigh Thesenvitz reports.

    Circle Cinema celebrates silent film

    Every month, the Circle Cinema shows silent movies as a part of an ongoing series which celebrates the cinema’s history in Tulsa. This month’s feature was “Safety Last,” featuring one of the three silent geniuses, Harold Lloyd.
    Caitlin Woods

    Heartwarming! Students suggest different ways for professor to fix DVD player

    When a professor had trouble playing a DVD, her students banded together to shout conflicting suggestions at her, which definitely helped.
    Sarah Odom