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    Drillers enter new year with new faces

    You might not recognize your favorite Drillers this year, since after changing affiliation, the Drillers will have all new players.
    Wade Crawford

    Australia’s power struggle hits home

    Alarmingly rapid changes in politcal power disturb Australian citizens and remind US citizens to be grateful for our relative stability.
    Kayleigh Thesenvitz & Emily Harris

    Hurricane Recap

    Rising Amish revolution threatens artificial intelligence

    Since the 1950s, fears of an impending robot uprising have dominated western culture, but the coming revolution may have more to do with horse-drawn buggies than self-aware computers.
    Steven Buchele

    Glow on the Green rings in the holiday season

    Student Writer Joe Watkins describes the holiday magic at the Guthrie Green’s annual Glow on the Green market and festival.