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    “Still Alice”: emotional kitsch outweighed by Julianne Moore’s superb performance

    An emotionally heavy film that explores a family’s reactions to their mother’s Alzhiemer’s diagnosis, “Still Alice” is barely rescued by Julianne Moore’s performance.
    Joe Watkins

    TU Ten: Creepiest Horror Movies

    Trent Gibbons

    Lesser-known Democratic candidate profiles

    Often overshadowed by Sanders and Clinton, here are three lesser-known Democratic candidates running for president.
    Hannah Kloppenburg

    Stead lights up Chapman Commons

    Student Writer Vanessa Siemers relates the festivities at Night Light, the annual event hosted by President Upham wherein carols are sung, cookies are eaten and the Chapman Commons are lit by thousands of blue Christmas lights.

    Backpedaling on bill proves Oklahomans can influence politics

    Unfortunately, the attempt to ban AP U.S. History from Oklahoma schools is yet another example of short-sighted state legislature. Fortunately, Oklahomans demonstrated their ability to mobilize when confronted with obviously detrimental legislation.
    Nikki Hager