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    Teacher of the Year: unintentionally nostalgic

    The humour of Teacher of the Year is overshadowed by the message it delivers.
    Steven Buchele

    Tip of the iceberg: the life of a student athlete

    The life of a student athlete can seem completely visible to people, but in reality there is a lot that is left unseen. What everyone sees on game day is just the tip of the iceberg.
    Joey Byron

    Australia’s power struggle hits home

    Alarmingly rapid changes in politcal power disturb Australian citizens and remind US citizens to be grateful for our relative stability.
    Kayleigh Thesenvitz & Emily Harris

    Men’s soccer season ends with NCAA tournament run

    After a tough loss to Notre Dame in the NCAA tournament, the men’s team’s season is finished.
    Joseph Edmunds

    Zoorassic Park 2 is a roaring good time

    Zoorassic Park offers an enjoyable experience, though it lacks accuracy.
    Brennen VanderVeen