The Golden Hurricane continued to struggle this week against Memphis and Houston, pushing their losing streak to four.

Joe Edmunds, Sports Writer

The Bleacher Creature

13 February 2017
Justin Guglielmetti, Bleacher Creature

More and more sports reporters are interjecting their own political opinions into their stories. This is making the world of sports much more politically contentious.

Justin Guglielmetti, Student Writer

The women’s basketball team lost in two different ways to Temple and Central Florida, ensuring they will finish below five hundred.

Matt Rechtien, Sports Editor

With Tulsa’s Material Recovery Facility, recycling is easier and more efficient than ever.

Trenton Gibbons, Variety Editor

The new Cultural Exchange Program, spearheaded by Philanthropy Chair Sophie Htet Htet Aye, will connect Kendall-Whittier students with TU’s international student organizations.

Hannah Kloppenburg, Editor-in-Chief

TU professor Peggy Hill discussed the possible consequences of selling or leasing any federal lands to states and private entities.

Nathan Gibbons, Student Writer

Several colleges around the US allow concealed carry on campus, but TU does not plan to be one of them.

Nathan Gibbons, Student Writer

Department of Communication full-time faculty clarified their position in support of immigration, international relations and open communication.

Raven Fawcett, Student Writer

Two organizations teamed up to provide TU with a week of programming about on-campus violence intended to educate and empower students.

Hannah Kloppenburg, Editor-in-Chief

Next semester, SA will not distinguish between open and closed travel for funding student organizations.

Brennen VanderVeen , Student Writer

Bynum’s unusually nonpartisan administration released goals for his term, though they lacked target numbers or strategies.

Nick Rethford, Student Writer