Clancy clocks in 15 November 2016

The Collegian sat down with new TU president Dr. Gerard Clancy to learn a little more about his plans for the university.

Hannah Kloppenburg

After months of campaigning, election results are finally in 15 November 2016

The results of the national and local elections for office show maintenance of the Republican establishment.

James Whisenhunt
Commentary Editor

Student encounters difficulty seeking CSAS accommodations 15 November 2016

TU student Kaitlyn Counter says she has negotiated with the Center for Student Academic Support for months in an attempt to get assistance for ADHD.

Hannah Kloppenburg

Low voter turnout isn’t necessarily troubling 15 November 2016

Though our nation prides itself on democracy, someone not voting because they don’t know enough to make an informed decision shouldn’t be frowned upon.

Justin Guglielmetti
Student Writer

I underappreciated Obama’s presidency 15 November 2016

Looking forward to Trump’s time in the Oval Office, Obama’s humor and professionalism in the face of controversy was a gift to the American public.

Trenton Gibbons
Variety Editor

Golden Hurricane outlasted by Midshipmen, fall to second 15 November 2016

The Golden Hurricane lost on the road to the Naval Academy on Saturday, most likely knocking Tulsa out of contention for the conference title.

Matt Rechtien
Sports Editor

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