McFarlin Library’s hours are often difficult to work around. photo by Conner Maggio

#2: Keep library open longer

McFarlin Library should remain open all day to give students a dependable place to study.

The university library needs to be open 24/7. As a student who often needs an escape from his room/apartment to get motivated to do homework, find a book for a 20-page research paper due the next day or just find a quiet atmosphere to read, the fact that the library closes at all frustrates me.

Most universities have their libraries open at all times, and the idea that we cannot keep the stacks and the reading rooms open year-round baffles me. In terms of running the building, students might be willing, like they used to do with front desks at the residence halls, to work the late hours to earn some money and study. In addition, keeping the coffee shop open, especially during the latter halves of each semester, can prove a great asset for students needing a quick snack and a burst of caffeine to make it through the home stretch of whatever project they may be finishing. I see many students read and do homework between assisting patrons, and the university loses an opportunity to provide its students an invaluable service.

Costs are certainly a concern, and with the university already beginning to deliver cuts across the board, the idea of the library staying open for a handful of students might seem wasteful. However, the library, on any university, serves as the center for learning, relaxing and studying on campus. It’s the first structure anyone sees on the brochures and represents what the Academy means for the public. TU should prioritize that message by keeping that symbol open 24/7.

Post Author: Andrew Noland