Writing Out Loud touching, insightful

TU’s writers are ready to make themselves heard. Wednesday’s Creative Writing open mic, “Writing Out Loud,” featured a number of TU students who volunteered to share their work with others. The event, held in the cozy environment of one of the McFarlin Library’s study rooms, featured works ranging from prose to poetry to song. The […]

My 20th Thanksgiving: tedious but worth it

I walk into my grandparents’ house and the smell of packs and packs of cigarettes invades my nostrils. I hug my grandmother, who never seems quite as happy to see me as her other grandchildren, and go to find my aunt, the only one I know of who cried when I left for college. She […]

A more strategic choice for Bridenstine

With every new Congress, a Speaker of the House must be elected by the representatives. Historically, each party nominates one of its members. The Republican Party majority has voted to nominate incumbent Speaker John Boehner. Since Congressman Jim Bridenstine was first elected in 2012, this will only be the second time he takes part in […]

Obama’s executive action on immigration wide-reaching

President Obama announced that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) would no longer deport the parents of U.S. citizens and Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs) as part of an executive action on immigration on Nov. 20. Deferred Action for Parental Responsibility (DAPA) provides temporary relief from deportation and grants work permits to individuals have a U.S. […]