“Publish or perish” leads to sketchy research

“Publish or perish,” or the pressure on academics to perpetually put out publishable research, has led to a number of phenomena that weaken the credibility of academic research, particularly scientific research. One result of “publish or perish” is the predatory open-access journal. These are non-peer-reviewed journals with distinguished-sounding names that will publish anything for a […]

Bad news for students: TU policies non-binding

Newsflash, fellow students: TU doesn’t have to follow any of those conduct policies it’s published. Apparently, they are only for your reading enjoyment. I hope you had fun reading ‘em, because that’s all the good you’re going to get out of those policies if you do something to displease the powers that be. Let’s review […]

Unlimited private school vouchers will bring chaos

Oklahoma state Rep. Jason Nelson has proposed the “Oklahoma Education Savings Account Act,” which would allow parents to get state funding for expenses such as private schooling, tutoring, books and more. The money that would have been given to the child’s public school by the state of Oklahoma will instead be put into a bank […]

Golden Hurricane falls in Connecticut to the Huskies

The Golden Hurricane men’s basketball offense faltered as the team dropped their second straight game, 70–45 against UConn. The Huskies started the game hot, running out to a 10–0 lead only three minutes into the game, and the Golden Hurricane never caught up. For the remainder of the first half, UConn never led by less […]

The Bleacher Creature

Excitment in Nascar? NASCAR racers Kevin Harvick and Joey Logano had a heated conversation after Saturday’s Sprint Unlimited. After bumping and grinding all race long, the racers came close to blows. Harvick alleged that Logano tried to drive him into the wall among other racing atrocities, leading to words that surely made Mrs. Harvick and […]

Hurricane Recap

Softball Goes 3–2 This weekend at the FAU “Strike Out Cancer” Tournament, the women’s softball team dropped their opening games against Michigan State (4–3) and host Florida Atlantic (1–0). While losses are still tough to take, the promising sign is that both losses were only by one run. Following the two-game slump the Golden Hurricane […]

Thunder’s McGary energizes team

Not much has gone well for the Thunder in the past 12 months. Injuries and overall team chemistry have hurt them since the start of 2014. It started with a lingering injury to Russell Westbrook that caused the Thunder to fall to the second seed in the Western Conference playoffs and face a tough Grizzlies […]

Women on best streak since ’06

With wins over the Temple Owls and and SMU Mustangs the women’s basketball team is on their first six-game winning streak since 2006. Looking for their fifth straight win, the Golden Hurricane hosted Temple on Feb. 10th, a team that is right on Tulsa’s heels in the conference standings. Temple rushed out of the gate […]

Sci-Fi fan fails physics

Sci-fi fan Mal Jayne was surprised last semester after continuously receiving poor grades in his Physics I course. Jayne, who picked up the syllabus on the first day of class and didn’t go to class again until the first test, felt confident in his ability to do well. He had read everything: from H.G. Wells […]