Animatronic dinosaurs a bad idea

Dear Mr. Kastner (Chief Propagandist, our glorious leader, the new Zoroaster, etc.), I’m a long time reader of the State Run Media, and a big fan. The work you all are doing uncovering the truth is important. Each and every one of you are my personal heros. The Collegian can’t go on spreading its lies! […]

No Place for Racism in All White Fraternity

As with every SAE chapter, I had high expectations for OU’s SAE chapter, a chapter that according to one source has not had a single African-American member in the last decade. Every SAE chapter is a family. The OU SAE was a family whose only black member was its hired chef. I expect these young […]

Government corner: Legislative updates

The Parental and Family Rights in Counseling Protection Act, a bill introduced by Representative Sally Kern that makes conversion therapy explicitly legal, passed the Children, Youth and Family Services Committee. Since the Collegian’s initial reporting, the bill has been amended so that aversion therapy, in which a patient is subjected to pain, would not be […]

Eye on the World

Tinder charges according to age on Internet Tinder, a popular dating app, intends to charge older users more for premium features in Tinder Plus. In the United States those over the age of 30 face double the fee to use functions such as Passport and Rewind. The determining age varies from country to country. Tinder […]

Camden Sophisticated Sisters provides safe environment for kids

Camden Sophisticated Sisters is a non-profit organization based in Camden, New Jersey. Tawanda Jones, the organization’s founder, spoke at TU on Tuesday, March 3. The full name of Jones’s organization is Camden Sophisticated Sisters, Distinguished Brothers and the Almighty Percussion Sound. It offers the youth of Camden an outlet and safe environment through a drill […]

Campus Crime Watch

Feb. 25 11:35 p.m. While on routine patrol Officers saw an EMSA at the West Park apartments. EMSA personnel were unable to enter the building. When officers arrived the ambulance had left the area but they contacted EMSA via their non-emergency number to verify if medical assistance was needed in the building. No assistance was […]

Bill would fire heads of ten Okla. state agencies

A bill that would give Governor Mary Fallin the opportunity to appoint the heads of ten state agencies passed a state Senate committee. If the bill becomes law, the heads of ten different state agencies and boards will have their positions terminated at the beginning of the next year. The replacements to these positions will […]

Service Day provides opportunity for TU to give back

Nearly 700 students volunteered with 22 separate organizations in Tulsa this past Saturday. In the last four months a team of students including Patrick Culp, Caleb Lareau, Austin Carr, Colleen Yoder, Phil Acosta and Emma Moseley dedicated roughly 100 hours between them to planning this massive project. Their responsibilities included renting out buildings, ordering and […]

Anti-violence programming becomes a fixture at TU

Twenty-eight and a half percent of college women report experiencing an attempted or completed sexual assault during or prior to entering college, according to the Campus Sexual Assault Survey in 2007. In the 2014-2015 academic year alone, five sexual assaults have been reported on TU’s campus. While sexual assault may be the most talked about […]

Rep. Griffith sponsors bill to combat rape in Okla. schools

On March 3, the Oklahoma House of Representatives passed a bill 95–1 that amends the requirements for Safe School Committees. If the bill passes the Senate and is signed by Governor Fallin, Safe School Committees will be explicitly empowered to have programs combating rape and sexual assault. The amended portion reads as follows: “The Safe […]