New TPS superintendent selected

Last month, the Tulsa Public Schools (TPS) Board declared Dr. Deborah Gist the new superintendent of the school system. She’s a Tulsa native who graduated from Memorial High School, a school in the TPS system, but has been working with the Rhode Island Department of Education since 2009. Board President Ruth Ann Fate told Channel […]

FCC’s decision on net neutrality is best for all

On February 26, 2015, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) classified internet service providers, (ISPs) as Title II Common Carriers. So what does this mean for net neutrality? Well, first let’s take a brief review on what net neutrality actually is, and what a Title II Common Carrier is. Net neutrality, put quite simply, is the […]

Letter from the Editor

These have been interesting times here at the Collegian. Our story about Trey Barnett’s suspension rocked the boat a little more than we were used to, but with a couple of weeks between us and that story, we decided that it’s time to thank those organizations that picked up the story or supported us in […]

DoJ report leaves St. Louis County in limbo

This Wednesday the United States Department of Justice (DoJ) released a hundred-page report finding the Ferguson Police Department (FPD) guilty of unconstitutional law enforcement practices. The report revealed that the FPD saw revenue generation, not public safety, as its main goal; that it issued baseless fines and did so disproportionately to African Americans; that it […]

Why alienate non-English speakers?

A bill (SB 522) is going before the Okla. Senate seeking to restrict support for non-English languages within the state. The bill is authored by Sen. Ralph Shortey (R-Oklahoma City). In a few of its several provisions, the bill prohibits officials from providing examinations for drivers or occupational licenses in non-English languages, bans “bilingual or […]

Frogbelly and Symphony all over the place

Going into this album with only the band name, the album name and the cover art, I didn’t expect much. I thought they were going to be some Neutral Milk Hotel wannabes, but instead of changing the face of music with an amazing combination of sounds and killer lyrics, like NMH, I thought Frogbelly was […]

Common inspires despite overlooking social issues

Common, an award-winning hip hop artist from Chicago, spoke at the Reynolds Center last Friday. He began his talk with a freestyle rap that lasted several minutes and name-dropped Tacos Don Francisco, Mayo Village and 7th Street House. Mentioning TU-area landmarks was a nice touch, and it made it seem like he cared about where […]

TU Ten: Least Known Spring Break Destinations

1. Nagorno-Karabakh: The international community may not recognize it as an independent country, but don’t tell that to the proud and self-governing residents of these Azerbaijani highlands! Nagorno-Karabakh is completely landlocked, so there will be literally no one competing with you for a spot on the beach. 2. The Mariana Trench: This trench at the […]

Charlie Hebdo’s Old Testament streak

An image is not the thing it represents. This point was made most poignantly by René Magritte when he wrote “Ceci n’est pas une pipe.” beneath a perfectly adequate, two-by-three foot painting of a tobacco pipe. Clare Haynes, Bell Visiting Professor of Anglican and Ecumenical Studies, brought it once more to life in a Thursday […]