Writers foretell what’s in new Mumford & Sons album

The album art for “Wilder Mind” is a good indication of what’s inside. In a change from the urban settings of their previous album covers, the four members of Mumford and Sons are seen galloping across the American prairie on painted horses, holding their instruments aloft and shouting into the wind. Similarly, the music in […]

“Map to the Stars” has potential, wastes it on an incoherent plot

“Map to the Stars” follows a multitude of washups and wannabes as they desperately claw their way up the social ladder of celebrity-saturated Hollywood Hills. The director, David Cronenberg, is better known for cult-classic B horror films such as “Videodrone,” “Existenz” and an exceptional remake of “The Fly,” each of which featured a repulsive obsession […]

Poet masterfully comments on race, urban culture

Tyrone Williams, a black poet from Detroit, came to TU’s campus for a reading. Williams is a professor at Xavier University and has published five books of poetry, including “On Spec” (2008), “The Hero Project” (2009) and “Adventures of Pi” (2011). Much of Williams’ poetry is influenced by his upbringing in Detroit, especially the poverty […]

Where will they play? Free agency opens

With free agency right around the corner for the NFL, I will start to look at the top players that are looking for new homes. Free agency sparks the excitement of a new year and a new chance to get the Lombardi trophy. If you weren’t a fan of the New England Patriots, then last […]

Drillers enter new year with new faces

With the new season of Tulsa Drillers baseball, expect to see some unfamiliar faces—twenty-five of them, to be exact. The Tulsa Drillers have ended their 12-year partnership with the Colorado Rockies and have instead become the Double-A affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The new move makes the Dodgers only the third team to be […]

The Bleacher Creature

El organismo de radiodifusión Landon Donovan is one fly guy. The recently retired MLS and World Cup star has begun his MLS broadcasting career on Friday night in a match up between the Chicago Fire and the Los Angeles Galaxy. Because Donovan can’t help but impress, he made his MLS broadcasting debut on Univision. For […]

Hurricane Recap

Women’s soccer wins two The women’s soccer team opened up their spring season this past week in Dallas, beating Northwestern State and North Texas in the opening double-header. The women will play at home this Saturday against Northeastern State before traveling to Norman, to take on OU on Saturday night. Spring football begins This past […]

Van Lux takes impressionism to new heights

It seems as if TU’s campus has been blessed with a new titan of the art world in the form of Vinny Van Lux (pronounced van-lou (no relation, I promise)). Van Lux, a sophomore petroleum engineering major, has been receiving critical acclaim from such places as the Internet and his mother, for his newest, and […]