A computer with the mind of a child

Computer science is an ever changing field, and many await to see which new gadgets will be buzzed about in the tech industry. One very hot topic is Artificial Intelligence, or AI. AI is a machine’s ability to mimic a human’s consciousness and self-awareness. Machines can already do so much from pattern recognition and identification […]

School shootings rattle campuses nationwide

On October 1, Chris Harper-Mercer, a student at Umpqua Community College killed nine of his classmates and himself in a school shooting. As many as twenty others were injured. On the previous day an anonymous and fairly ambiguous threat had been posted to the imageboard “4chan.” Because of the anonymity of the post, it is […]

Lesser-known Democratic candidate profiles

Martin O’Malley: Martin O’Malley is a former Governor of Maryland, Mayor of Baltimore and Baltimore City Councilman. O’Malley is most famous for having decreased crime rates by 40 percent in Baltimore during his term as mayor, which allowed for economic revitalization. He did so with a drastically increased amount of arrests, which gave him a […]

In the near future, robots could be run by bacteria

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic in the tech world. AI is the idea that a machine could not only speak and act like a human; but also be consciously aware of itself and its surroundings. Studies on AI have been conducted for decades. Some hypothesize that one would teach the machine as one might […]

Oklahoma education crumbles

Since the 2008 recession, Oklahoma has led the nation. In the percentage of cuts made to school funding, that is. According to a report by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, per-pupil spending has decreased by nearly 23 percent in Oklahoma. 34 states reduced education funding after the recession, and while a giant recession […]

TU nutritional information inaccurate

As a college student, you’ve probably found many ways to maximize the efficiency of your purchases—food included. Besides subsisting entirely on instant ramen noodles, an inferior food if there ever was one, you might also take advantage of the school’s easily-accessible To-Go Line, which at least offers a greater variety. If you’re like me (having […]

US deports immigrants who deserve asylum

Recently, several independent studies have found that the United States has been deporting Central Americans, including children, to their deaths in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. According to the Guardian, “Human rights experts warn that in its haste to expel or deter undocumented immigrants, the US government is scrimping on its obligation to provide asylum […]

“Movin’ Up” is nothing more than exploitation

For a long time, my attitude toward Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was much the same as my attitude toward the Kardashians, or any of the spoiled kids from My Super Sweet Sixteen. A general sense of hostility, mixed with contempt and a little disgust, made them the perfect target for the occasional punchline, while […]

Twilight revamp continues to stereotype

A little over ten years ago, Stephanie Meyer released a novel that would grow to become a worldwide phenomenon. Twilight found a special place in the hearts of millions of teenagers. The Twilight saga went on to spur a film adaptation spanning five movies, and even a brief novella about some random character in the […]

OKC vaccination bill vital, should pass

In Oklahoma City, senator Ervin Yen has put forth a bill that will get rid of the ability to abstain from getting children vaccinated due to religious and personal reasons. Medical reasons will still be a valid distinction for children going to school. While this may seem to be an affront on the first amendment, […]