A fitting project: The Clothesline Project brings people back to the forefront of sexual assault issues

We’ve heard the statistics before. One out of every five women will experience some sort of sexual assault during her college years. For men, one out of every 71 will experience sexual assault during his college years. In 90 percent of sexual assault cases, the victim personally knew the perpetrator. When I hear these facts, […]

Trump unfit for office

Perhaps no candidate this election cycle has received more media attention than Donald Trump. Often the coverage has been negative, and rightly so. This criticism usually takes one of two forms. First, there are his policies. His policies are a part of no coherent ideology and are often at odds with the facts. Second, there […]

Is Trump not such a bad idea?

I can guess what you are probably thinking as you glance over this article. What kind of idiotic person has the Collegian hired that could possibly have anything positive to say about Donald Trump? Well before you get started on your letter to the editor about why they should fire my dumb ass, please hear […]

“Nightmare” terrifies for the wrong reasons

I’ll get straight to the point here since the attraction itself certainly didn’t pull any punches: Nightmare, the popular Halloween walk-through attraction hosted by Guts Church, is about as sickening and gratuitous a product as civilized humanity is capable of producing. And no, I do not say that lightly. Nor am I positive that the […]

Real ID Act inconveniences US residents

In 2005 the Real ID Act came into existence and has been taking shape slowly since then. Its enforcement is promised to go up beginning in January 2016, so knowing what the act entails and requires of citizens is important. Chiefly, for a US citizen to fly domestically, enter military bases or even get into […]

First Democratic debate leaves much unresolved

The first Democratic debate, which you may not have seen if you were studying for midterms last week, had a great viewer turnout but consequently has left the Democratic party in a bit of a shambles, despite the well publicised closing statement of Martin O’Malley. But I’m getting ahead of myself. The candidates who participated […]

Coming out day is dangerous to LGBTQ youth

I have known that I am gay since I was twelve years old. I realized that my best friend was talking about Tyler the exact same way I was thinking about Allison, and it was clear to me that I needed to keep that under wraps. As a twelve-year-old, I attended a Catholic school. In […]

It’s about time to reconsider Columbus day

Tradition is overrated. There is absolutely nothing inherently honorable or appropriate about sticking to customs from a time gone by, particularly when those customs violate basic tenets of human decency that we hold today. In fact, one might say that it is our responsibility as a modern and enlightened society to go back and correct […]

Breast cancer awareness products are misleading

October is breast cancer awareness month in the United States. The idea behind “raising awareness” is to motivate people to donate money to breast cancer research. People and organizations put on pink in an effort to combat the disease that is expected to take 40,290 lives this year. Women are more likely to get breast […]