Men’s basketball looking for conference title

Last season, the first under Head Coach Frank Haith and the American Athletic Conference, the Golden Hurricane finished second in the conference but had to settle for a berth to the NIT instead of a second straight season going to the “Big Dance” in March. This season, Tulsa is led by a large class of […]

Taking back the crown, Royals win

Down 2–0 in the top of the ninth inning of Game 5 against the New York Mets and their dominant ace, Matt Harvey, it appeared that the Kansas City Royals would have to return to their home ballpark to try to secure their first World Series crown in 30 years. At least, it would have […]

Men’s soccer wins in PK’s, will play SMU in semi’s

The Golden Hurricane men’s team advances to the semifinal round of the American Athletic Conference tournament with a penalty-kick victory against UCF. The game was very even throughout, as each team had quality, threatening attacking possession. Barry Hadji opened the scoring for the Knights half an hour in, as he played through the Tulsa defensive […]

Letter to the editor

A university attached to an athletic department – the deceit of modern intercollegiate athletics We all know the hyphenate “student-athlete” with its blissfully wistful connotations of young men and women who spend their days listening to lectures or pouring over books and then, in their spare time, engaging in various sports in the name of […]

The Gatesway Foundation: Community caregivers

The Gatesway Foundation strives “to encourage independence and provide opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities that will enable them to live and work in the community and improve their quality of life.” However, barriers to the fulfillment of this objective are plentiful. In the late ‘90s, legislature removed intellectually disabled individuals from institutions that were […]

Impact Tulsa releases damning report on TPS

The newest education report from Impact Tulsa, a local advocacy group headed by Kathy Taylor and the Schusterman Foundation, hit the town on Wednesday night. The report gave an in-depth analysis of academics in the Tulsa area and included speeches from local figures like TPS superintendent Deborah Gist, Jeff Dunn of Mill Creek Lumber and […]

Countdown to world catastrophe

It is three minutes to midnight on the Doomsday Clock, a symbolic clock face meant to represent how close humanity is to global catastrophe. It was moved up in January of this year due to “unchecked climate change, global nuclear weapons modernizations, and outsized nuclear weapons arsenals.” The Clock had not been moved this close […]

Sexual Identity and the Christian Faith: Two open letters

On Nov 17, several campus church groups will be hosting Rosaria Champagne Butterfield, a former professor of English and Women’s Studies at Syracuse University. Butterfield is the author of “The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert: An English Professor’s Journey into the Christian Faith,” which details her conversion to Presbyterian Christianity in 1999 and subsequent […]

End-of-life-care burdens families

As parents grow older, it is traditional for their children to care for them by providing resources to maintain their health. However, many ailments that afflict the elderly are costly to treat and result in exorbitant medical bills. Rather than providing care that aims to enhance patients’ lives as they near the end of their […]

Controversy surrounds Indian monument

The human race has forever had an obsession with size and spectacle. Our ancestors marveled at the giants that nature provided, looking in awe at the height of the Redwoods or the towering peaks of mountains rising into the heavens. In the modern age, we have tried to emulate such marvels in the best ways […]