Lesser-known Republican candidates

Jeb Bush: Bush is a former Florida Governor. During his two-term tenure in office, Bush passed legislation for conserving the Everglades and education reform. In respect to the issues he is campaigning for, Bush proposes simplifying the tax code, creating a balanced budget, reducing the size of bureaucracy and increasing government intervention in Iraq and […]

The anatomy of a troll

Dr. Whitney Phillips is an assistant professor at Mercer University with a PhD in English. She has done years of extensive research around internet culture, specifically trolls. She opened up her speech with a definition of what trolling is, or at least what she is referring to when she says “trolls.” While “trolls” are usually […]

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the editor: The recent article “My journey into a BDSM dungeon,” recounting the activities in a local sex dungeon, was intended as a celebration of the accompanying consensual sexual encounters. Despite assertions that this grim sexual exploitation is “beautiful,” “healthy” and “loving,” the hard truth is that no one comes out of a […]

WHO finds cancer link with processed meats

The World Health Organization released a study last week in which they determined that all processed meats are carcinogenic, and red meats are “probably” so. This comes from an analysis of decades of research done by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, a branch of the WHO. The World Health Organization defines “processed meat” […]

Yellow bikes honored with sustainability award

Several years ago, in an effort to increase foot-traffic and reduce the amount of driving on The University of Tulsa’s campus, university president Steadman Upham collaborated with the Sustainability Committee, Student Association, Campus Security and the Physical Plant to introduce the Yellow Bike program to TU. Since then, it has seen wide success. With this […]

SA’s Judicial Council should be more transparent

As it currently stands, basically all of the records involving SA’s Judicial Council are confidential. Section 7 of the Judicial Procedure states that “The proceedings, minutes, and other documents of the Judicial Council shall be considered confidential property of the Judicial Council, and cannot be released.” In practice, this means that judicial hearings are closed […]

The biological side of crime: Helpful or harmful?

When brain imaging started twenty years ago, it opened up a way for researchers to study the brains of violent people and compare them to normal ones. This new field is called Neurocriminology. It is considered to be, “an emerging subdiscipline of biocriminology and criminology in general, which applies brain imaging techniques and principles from […]

What to look for after the Republican debate

Previously, The Collegian has provided in-depth coverage for three of the current Republican presidential candidates: Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump. At one time, all these candidates were at the top of the polls. Trump and Carson still are. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that any of them will be the nominee. Trump, with […]