Rosaria Butterfield gives talk amid student protest

On Tuesday, November 17, Dr. Rosaria Butterfield came to campus for a lecture titled “Sexual Identity and the Christian Faith.” The discussion focused on Butterfield’s conversion from atheism to Christianity. In particular, it focused on how she, as a lesbian, came to embrace a worldview that holds homosexuality to be a sin. The lecture was […]

City revitalization to continue

In the past ten years the City of Tulsa has seen “Vision 2025,” (approved in 2003) and other developments lead to the BOK center, ONEOK Park (home to the Tulsa Drillers and Roughnecks soccer), and the Brady Art District’s renaissance, which included the Guthrie Green and First Friday art crawls among many other developments. And […]

Absentee voting and you

Absentee ballots allow one to vote even if you can’t make it to the polling station on election day. This can be achieved either through mailing or early in-person voting. However, laws vary by state. As such, you should check the relevant authority in your state for all of the dates and rules about registering […]

Oil industry employees suffer severe losses

Nearly 100,000 American oil company employees—now former—have lost their jobs in the last 18 months due to oil prices falling to extreme lows and American energy companies losing ground internationally. Globally, almost 200,000 positions within the petroleum industry have been eliminated during this timespan. As crude oil prices worldwide drop following increased production by Saudi […]

Letter to the editor

November 17, 2015 Greetings: First, thank you for penning an article on palliative care as an alternative to invasive and costly medical care. I would like to respond and expand on a few points made in the article, as palliative care is one of my areas of research. Financial: You make the point that care […]

Okla. govt. receives F in transparency

Do you ever feel completely uninformed about what is going on in Oklahoma? Do you find out about a new law only after it is being enforced? Do you know the names Brian Bingman, Mike Schulz or Earl Sears? Do you have any idea how your tax dollars are being spent? Don’t feel too awful […]

TU’s low Trojan survey ranking a minor concern

On Trojan’s recent sexual health survey, TU was ranked a lowly 109 out of 140 universities. This represents a drop from last year’s ranking of 97. However, this isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. The survey’s methodology includes eleven categories to rank student health centers: the quality of sexual health information and resources on the […]

Coverage of shooters varies by race, religion

Recently, it seems that every few days or so a certain genre of headline haunts the front page of every major paper and the news ticker at the bottom of every major news station’s screen: a mass shooting somewhere in the US. Then the next few days consist of near constant investigation and commentary until, […]

Paris reactions neglect non-Western countries

The coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris on the night of November thirteenth were horrific. Around 130 people died and hundreds more were injured. The people killed were just enjoying themselves at a concert hall, at a restaurant, at a bar. It is easy to imagine ourselves in the same kinds of places on a Friday […]

A secular Christmas is no big deal

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That magical season when the weather gets cold, the days grow darker, merriment is palpable in the air, and—most importantly—we get time out of school! For millions in the United States and around the world, the month of December and Christmas itself bring joy and a temporary […]