Youth overcomes contrived script through brilliant characters

Youth is a very admirable but scatterbrained film. It’s greatly helped by the performances, but thrown off course constantly by a flawed script. Retired composer Fred Ballinger tries to enjoy a vacation at a Swiss resort with Mick Boyle, a filmmaker and longtime friend who struggles to finish his last script with younger co-writers. Due […]

TU Ten: Just skip class

1. It’s too cold to walk around campus. 2. You got all the readings in your syllabus, so if you stick to those you can just show up on test days and you’ll be golden. 3. You haven’t seen your friends all break and you finally have a chance to catch up before schedules get […]

Letter from the Propagandist

Has anyone ever noticed how scary Oliphant is when the lights are out? Maybe it’s because I’m being held here against my will, but the building has an eerie feel about it. Hello, it’s the Head Propagandist here for the spring 2016 semester. I trust everyone had a good winter break. I, for one, had […]

Paranormal activity feared on campus

In a turn of events that defies logic and reason, dog poop has appeared in the courtyard of Lorton Village, a supposedly pet-free apartment complex. The State-Run Media has responded to reports in an attempt to get to the bottom of this. “I just don’t see how this could happen.” said Tanisha Wells, a resident. […]

Tulsa’s Little Light House expands programs

A light is growing brighter in the city of Tulsa—the Little Light House. The nonprofit organization, which provides resources to special needs children, is making efforts to expand both its campus and the profound effect it has in Tulsa. “The Little Light House, as one of our volunteers tagged us, is truly ‘the happiest place […]

Introducing Oxley College of Health Sciences

Last week, the Oxley College of Health Sciences opened its doors at its location downtown, on S. Boulder Ave. This college will pull together Communication Disorders and Sciences, Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Sciences, undergraduate and graduate Nursing and the School of Community Medicine, in partnership with OU. Dr. Gerald Clancy, who formerly worked as the president […]

Oregon militia: Almost unbelievably naive

Whenever a large group of middle-class white people in their 40s gather and complain about their lives not being easy enough, I’m reminded of a child throwing a temper tantrum on Christmas morning because their parents bought them the wrong color iPhone. And just as it’s best to ignore the kid until he gets tired […]

Obama calls for reduced partisanship

“The state of the union is strong.” It was with those words that President Barack Obama ended his eighth and final State of the Union address on Tuesday. The words were rousing and cathartic for a nation that has recently faced confusion and fear, whether it be of terrorist attacks, undocumented immigrants, or seizure of […]