Obama’s “common sense” gun laws are worth the costs

President Obama’s January 5 speech on gun violence was very emotionally charged, as he began to cry near the end of the speech while remembering the shooting in Sandy Hook Elementary. For a president that has been criticized in the past for being rather unemotional and detached in the face of disaster, it made his […]

David Bowie: recognizing his art and his possible crime

Every American human with a social media presence is likely aware that David Bowie died this past week after a battle with cancer, the severity of which was underestimated by the general public. One minute, David Bowie was alive and no one was worried that that was going to change. And then he was dead. […]

Fines for students’ parents are an ineffective solution

With the onset of the new year, the Oklahoma legislature’s at it again, and the results are about what you’d expect. Senator Ron Sharp (R-Shawnee) proposed Senate Bill 911, which would fine parents for the misbehavior of their children in school. According to Sharp, the loss of corporal punishment as an option for teachers has […]

Elote’s Puffy Tacos a two dollar treat

In the interest of full disclosure I should begin this review by mentioning that I am personal friends with the assistant manager at Elote. His name’s Andrew, we’ve known each other since high school, and we both know enough bad stuff about each other to leave us at a curious social stalemate where each of […]

Blackstar offers goodbye from Bowie

On Sunday, January 10, one of the world’s most beloved and influential artists, David Bowie, passed away. After a lifetime of creative innovation and dedication to music, the artist died at the age of 69. He had been battling liver cancer for 18 months, just enough time for him and his trusted team to create […]

Nothing ever changes and SO CAN YOU

The sun knows no difference on January 1. In fact if the sun had a consciousness I doubt it would notice the inhabitants of our small planet at all. And yet come that fateful first day, we fuss and concern ourselves about that intangible, ineffable, wholly unmalleable thing known as change. My advice for those […]

TU Ten: boozy board games

Monopoly. Our recommendation: Rum. Monopoly’s an… interesting experience for a lot of different reasons, one of which is that it simulates all those fun things you’re going to have to do after college like pay bills, take out mortgages, live for a whole month on $200 dollars in a neighborhood you already can’t afford, and […]

Year in review: best albums of 2015

This past year in music was largely characterized by innovation. Whether it was an up and coming Atlanta City rapper featured on a heavily 80’s influenced atmospheric art-pop album or a new wave of contemporary jazz— this year saw it all. Some oldie but goodies fell short of expectation while new artists climbed the ranks […]

Playoffs see Tide win fourth title in seven years

The first year of the College Football Playoff was a major success, giving college football fans a set of three championship-caliber exciting games. The second year didn’t disappoint either, as four of the top teams battled it out for the title of national champion. The two playoff semifinal games took place on New Year’s Eve […]

The Rams are gone. Now what?

This is for everyone that, as of this week, doesn’t have a NFL team to pull for anymore. It’s not like the Rams have been good at all in the past decade, but still, it was something. I grew up with most of my extended family living in St. Louis. The first year that I […]