“Slabs and Stitches” an experiment in landscapes

Beneath the Phillips Hall School of Art is the subterranean Alexandre Hogue Gallery. From the gallery sounds a dissonant lull and growl. The dimly-lit room features rotating shows by outsiders and students of the college, including solo and group shows. Not being a visual arts major at TU, I’ve only visited the gallery to pass […]

Fairgrounds festival celebrates Indian culture in Tulsa

On Saturday, August 27, the Indian Association of Greater Tulsa hosted their annual “Discover India” event. The event showcases Indian culture and history while also allowing visitors to experience it for themselves, with dances, food, and shopping available. Several booths offered learning experiences for visitors. Topics ranged from Bollywood to religion to cuisine. One even […]

TU alum Ryan Torregrossa discusses newest album

Ryan Torregrossa’s first solo album is not an ode to his youth and his time as a student at TU, but rather a journal entry. “This was really just for myself,” he says. “I’ve been a singer-songwriter for a long time, and I’ve done a lot for other people, but this is my own thing.” […]

“Kubo” dazzles with visual style, lacks a complex narrative

From the shadowy firelit night that haunts all humans, from the deep old places that refuse to be properly ‘civilized,’ comes a voice. “If you must blink, do it now,” the story teller warns. Lightning flashes and we see a razor thin boat slicing through the trembling fabric of a stormy sea “Pay careful attention […]

Frank Ocean delivers in his sophomore album

A little more than 4 years after his debut album Channel ORANGE was released, R&B artist Frank Ocean dropped his sophomore album, Blonde (stylized to blond), on August 20th. Ocean’s first studio album received extremely positive reviews and the R&B community has been “patiently” waiting for a follow up for some time now. Fans of […]

Gilcrease’s “TGIFrida” event attractive but overcrowded

Last Friday, Gilcrease Museum held the first event in their Gilcrease After Hours series, free late-night exhibits the last Friday of every month. The event, TGIFrida Friday, focused on the life and work of Frida Kahlo, a prominent Mexican painter best known for her symbolic self-portraits. Her influence could be seen everywhere, from the colorful […]

“Don’t Think Twice” a bittersweet look at group dynamics

The first screening of Don’t Think Twice is just one of many premiere events the Circle Cinema has held and was accompanied by an improv performance from Tulsa’s Comedy Parlor. The troupe took front stage a short time before the show and performed a few improv “games”, providing a point of reference for individuals less […]

R&B artist releases album as buried treasure

Hidden beneath all the hype of his album Blonde, artist Frank Ocean actually quietly released a second album just hours after. However, this album was even more difficult to acquire than Blonde (do people actually use Apple Music?) It all started when Frank’s brother tweeted out a set of coordinates which corresponded to an old […]

What year in college should you actually be?

Add up the points you get for each answer, then consult the answer key to determine whether you’re a naive freshman, a jaded senior, or something in between. 1) How much time did it take for you to move into your room? a) I had my family help me move in, but I spent hours […]

Olympic Committee gets the last laugh on Lochte

After his blatant disregard of Brazilian laws, Ryan Lochte had the tables turned on him when the Rio Olympic committee admitted that all of Lochte’s medal ceremonies were faked. The admission came after Lochte had already left Brazil, so authorities could not detain him for faking a crime. The Olympic Committee revealed to reporters an […]