(66)6 hangouts for Halloween night

1. Maple Ridge: 15th to 31st St. S, between Peoria and Riverside Last year, the neighborhood-based social networking app Nextdoor conducted a poll of how many houses in Tulsa would be handing out candy, then ranked neighborhoods based on the highest number of houses providing candy in the closest proximity. Keeping with the spirit of […]

Spooky music suggestions from an American teen wolf

Halloween is one of those holidays where the atmosphere matters just as much as the celebration; the other two being, of course, Christmas and Flag Day. Now, listening to the Halloween soundtrack or Michael Jackson’s Thriller on repeat whilst driving from neighborhood to neighborhood may very well satisfy your need for that spooky atmosphere, but […]

The scariest part of a haunted house should not be its line

The original intent with this review of a local haunted house, particularly Hex House, was to get the opinions of both someone wholly unfamiliar to visiting haunted houses and someone with relative experience in the field. This, I’d hoped, would lead to a more balanced review, as it would be the product of two varied […]

The Nightmare: a blend of sacrilege and scare tactics

The Nightmare is a walk-through haunted house held annually by Guts Church in Tulsa. It is scary and immersive, but for all the wrong reasons. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. every weekend night in October. You have to be at least 12 to enter, and kids in their early teens seemed to make up the […]

Fisher South condemns students to Inferno

Last Thursday, Fisher South hosted their annual “Haunted Hall” for the Halloween season. Upon walking in, it was difficult to recognize the freshman dorm. Cobwebs lined the walls, and blood curdling screams were heard from all three floors. The student-organized spook house decided on a “Dante’s Inferno” theme this year and the atmosphere was notably […]

SA precedes Pride Month with “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”

Last Wednesday, SA’s Student Awareness Department, led by Executive Director Gabby Gunnerson, hosted a showing of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Originally meant to be held on Harwell Field, the threat of imminent rain caused the event to be moved into the Student Union, but that didn’t make the movie any less enjoyable. Coupled with […]

Which Halloween costumes are OK for me to wear?

With all the hubbub around “politically-correct costumes” this Halloween, you’re probably wondering just what is and what isn’t acceptable to wear. Luckily for you, the State-Run Media is here to help. We’ve compiled a useful guide of common examples to clear up any confusion you might have. Dressing up as an Engineering Student – Acceptable […]

Top 10 sexy costumes

Sexy Halloween costumes are a decades old tradition on college campuses. Every year, frat parties are flooded with sexy maids, sexy nurses, and catwomen. This Halloween, why not break away from the pack and do something risky? After all, quirky is the new sexy. 10. Ivanka Trump Screams “daddy issues” louder than every other costume […]

5 last-minute costumes to turn this paper into

1. Sailor – Through a series of strategic folds, you can turn this paper into a sailor hat. To really get the most benefit out of this costume, I also recommend a navy dress uniform, and everything else needed to make a sailor costume, besides the hat. 2. Spooky Ghost – If you’re short on […]