TU ACM hosts 24-hour programming challenge

The annual Association for Computing Machinery Fall Code Jam took place from Saturday, Oct. 15, to Sunday, Oct. 16 at the Mayo SAC. The Code Jam, a programming competition with teams of up to four people, ran 24 hours from 10 AM to 10 AM. The objective of Code Jam is to utilize the 24-hour […]

Campus Security elaborates on Crime and Safety Report

Q: What’s up with that murder/homicide in 2014? A: The homicide was reported as a child abuse case that occurred on Sept. 11, 2014, at Brown Village. The victim, a 2-month-old boy, died the next day at the hospital. The suspect was the boy’s father and a TU student. He was arrested and charged with […]

SA finalizes budget with higher income than expected

Several weeks ago, The Collegian reported on SA’s tentative budget as suggested by President Haley Anderson. The finalized budget was passed on September 27 and has about $200,000 in higher income and higher spending to go along with it. The higher income comes in part from a higher than expected amount from student activities fees. […]

Nobel Prize needs to recognize science is done in teams

Alfred Nobel’s will established the Nobel Prize in 1895 with four initial categories: Chemistry, Peace, Physics, and Physiology or Medicine. The Literature category was created in 1901. The Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences is actually not a part of the Nobel Foundation prizes, but is awarded by Sweden’s central bank in memory of Alfred […]

Stop supporting discrimination as “tolerance”

“I will NOT wear a hijab and support women’s oppression,” were the words from Nazí Paikidze, the 22 year old Georgian-American chess player who just recently announed that she would boycott the 2017 world championships scheduled to be held in Iran. Paikidze, the reigning United States women’s champion, took issue with the Iranian government’s oppressive […]

Oilfield Prayer Day isn’t the solution to Okla.’s problems

Governor Mary Fallin recently released a proclamation declaring Thursday, Oct. 13 to be “Oilfield Prayer Day.” The proclamation was initially requested by the Oilfield Christian Fellowship. Fallin’s justification for the holiday was that “there are many people suffering right now who have lost their jobs in the energy sector … there are a lot of […]

Candidate Twitters are an important tool

In the race for the presidency, a new form of media has become increasingly important to all sides of the political spectrum — presidential candidates’ Twitter pages. These Twitter pages are evolving into one of the most influential tools used by candidates today. Twitter pages are important because of two primary reasons: the prospect of […]

Godzilla returns to Tokyo!

For all the contentious arguments made in “Shin Godzilla,” the oft-repeated observation that Japan is a country that has been “scrapped and rebuilt” should ring true for most viewers. The same is true for the Godzilla franchise itself, as its newest reboot sees it taking a definitive turn from the silly, escapist antics of more […]