Photo by Kayleigh Thesenvitz

Student releases Olympics themed podcast

Haynes has produced three podcasts and written three novels. TU student Jesse Haynes has made strides with three young adult novels and three wildly successful podcasts. Now he’s bringing a fourth podcast to life — one that focuses on the Olympics. Haynes is no stranger to sports writing. A passion for sports and success in […]

Justin with his third-grade reading partner, Jayla. Photo by Lizzy Young

Alum Justin Harlan teaches to make a difference

TU Alum Justin Harlan discusses his work in Reading Partners and other teaching programs. Executive Director of Reading Partners and TU alum Justin Harlan exudes passion when he talks about his work. Originally from Kansas City, Harlan attended TU for his bachelor’s degree from 2004 to 2009. Involved in nonprofit work since graduating from TU, […]

Rodinkova with one of the Ukranian flags she’s been adoring the school with. Photo by Alex Garoffolo

Viktoria Rodinkova continues aerobiological research at TU

Viktoria Rodinkova chose to work with TU’s prolific aerobiologist, Estelle Levetin, aided by a Fulbright grant. Viktoria Rodinkova does not rest often. Here from Ukraine on a Fulbright research grant, she studies pollen and spores for the biology department. Fluent in Russian, Ukranian and English, she has a multilingual talent set. When she leaves in […]

Courtesy University of Tulsa

Tandy shutdown inconvenience

Tulsa’s supercomputing center closed its doors, leaving many students and teachers searching for an alternative. Over winter break, many TU students and faculty received an email informing them that the Tandy Supercomputing Center (TSC) would soon be shutting down. TSC operated the Tandy, a 1600-core supercomputer available for private, commercial and academic use. TSC was […]

Eye on the World

Ethiopia Declares National State of Emergency Following the abrupt resignation of Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, the nation has declared a state of emergency. Desalegn hoped his action would end civil unrest in Ethiopia. “I see my resignation as vital in the bid to carry out reforms that would lead to sustainable peace and democracy,” […]

The European Union (upper left), China (upper right), Japan (lower right), the United States (bottom center) and Russia (lower left) share ownership of the International Space Station. Graphic by Raven Fawcett

NASA, private companies should work together in space

While NASA is economically beneficial, allowing private companies to become stakeholders in space would increase efficiency. President Donald Trump recently put out a plan to remove funding of the International Space Station by 2025. To fund the International Space Station through non-federal means, the US government has begun to think about the probability of the […]

South Korea, hosting this year’s Olympic Games, has a history of tension with North Korea. Courtesy NDTV

North Korea not redeemed by Olympic Games

North Korea’s charm offensive is not enough to forgive them of their numerous aggressions and indiscretions against their own people and other nations. Much of this year’s Winter Olympics media coverage is focused on one topic. North Korea’s participation and all the negotiations, political implications and awkward moments that comes with it have been in […]

Legislative Digest

This week’s look at the latest and sometimes greatest bills passing through our local legislature. SB1430: The Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act of 2018 would prohibit all parents from aborting children with Down Syndrome or other genetic anomalies. While I appreciate the sentiment, the government should still not be allowed to meddle in a person’s right to […]


Mail room an underappreciated resource

More is going on behind the scenes of TU’s mail room than some may realize. Everyone gets mail at some point. Maybe you order a cool new gadget on Amazon or your mother sends you a care package for finals week. Regardless of what you’re waiting to receive, the place you’ll have to go is […]

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor: As someone who was sexually harassed in the past, I know about the inner-pain that victims and survivors experience. But, as someone who spent five years as a counselor and a therapist working in the fields of alcoholism, drug addiction, and mental health, I want to share my observations and research findings about […]