Quick tips for surviving the holidays with your family

Heading home for the holidays isn’t always idyllic. While trying to avoid conflict this season, consider these tips and tricks. The Millennial generation is not the first to clash with their elders. It happened with the Roaring ‘20s and the beat generation in the 1960s as well. Thanksgiving and Christmas are not always a Norman […]

Social media creates unique opportunities for political action

Snapchat registering over 400,000 people is emblematic of social media’s ability to mobilize and politicize users. Snapchat has more to offer its users than funny filters or face swaps. During the weeks leading up to the 2018 midterms, the app encouraged its users to begin their voting registration process via Turbovote. It took only two […]

Anti-vaxxer movement rooted in ableism and ignorance

The increased number of unvaccinated public and private school children in Oklahoma puts herd immunity at risk. Anti-vaxxers. We know ‘em, we have varying different feelings about them, but they’re in our lives. They’re also wrong. For those who somehow don’t know about the anti-vaccination movement that has swept through America in the past decade […]

photo by Piper Prolago

Living Arts does Dia de los Muertos right

With a variety of events for all, Living Arts worked to educate and celebrate on this cultural holiday Dia de los Muertos is an integral holiday in Mexican and Central American culture. This yearly celebration takes place on Nov. 1 and 2 and combines indigenous and colonial beliefs. The Day of the Dead stems from […]

courtesy University of Tulsa

“Wild Man” a lovely, moving performance

The show was part of an initiative to support women in stagewriting and benefited from it greatly. On Nov 9, TU Theatre presented a concert reading of “Wild Man” by K.T. Peterson. The script is the winner of the 2018 WomenWorks competition. WomenWorks is a joint effort between the theatre and creative writing program at […]

Courtesy Junkee

Ariana Grande moves on with “thank u, next”

Grande’s new single dropped during a tough year, and is a joyful anthem of growth. Ariana Grande recently released a new song called “thank u, next” where in the first thirty seconds she name drops four of her exes. Literally. The first verse is “Thought I’d end up with Sean/But he wasn’t a match/Wrote some […]

photo by Piper Prolago

Renowned photographer Antone Dolezal comes to TU

The artist gave a rousing talk discussing his career and roots. Antone Dolezal, a photographer from Bartlesville, Oklahoma, visited TU on Nov. 8 at an event hosted by the Photo Club. He gave a lecture about his previous works, accomplishments and how he finds inspiration for his photographic projects. Dolezal got his undergraduate degree in […]

The director of the film, Sterlin Harjo. courtesy Colorlines

“This May be the Last Time” a moving local documentary

The documentary was screened on campus followed by a Q&A panel with the director and crew. Local filmmakers Sterlin Harjo, Shane Brown and Kyle Bell visited the TU film department for a screening of their documentary “This May be the Last Time” about Muscogee-Creek hymns in Oklahoma. After watching the film, the guests answered questions […]

All about Stylus: how to submit and why you should

The entirely student-run journal puts out a yearly issue of student content. Since 2001, Stylus Journal of Art & Writing, a student-run creative journal, has been a feature of the University of Tulsa. Since its opening the goal of Stylus has been simple: to share the voices and original works of students. This year’s theme […]