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Oscar Winning actor Matthew McConaughey promotes his new book about struggles, determination and finding peace.

On Mon. Oct. 26, Magic City Books welcomed Matthew McConaughey to talk about his new memoir, “Greenlights.” The bonus was that it wasn’t going to be him speaking through a screen answering questions; rather he was going to be talking to good friend Woody Harrelson. Like many of his projects, this one was personal — […]


Archaeologists find evidence of mass grave in Oaklawn Cemetery

After more than two years of searching for graves associated with the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, archaeologists recently found outlines of 10 coffins that might help the city more wholly understand the events of the massacre. Archaeological inquiry in Oaklawn Cemetery that revealed these coffins followed the oral history accounts of the massacre. Oral history […]

Trump presented no real shift to Republican Party — it will not change after him.

The coming four years present an interesting situation for the Republican Party. Trump will no longer hold power as president, but the Republicans will likely still have control of the Senate and will certainly have implicit control of the Supreme Court. Many are wondering if the Republicans’ strategy will return to a pre-Trump form with […]

Democrats will never sweep an election without deep perspective change.

Not all votes have been counted as I write this, but it looks like Joe Biden will be elected the next president of the United States. This result came after days of tense ballot-counting in some of the same swing states that Hillary Clinton lost in 2016. Joe Biden’s victory is a good thing, but […]

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Stress-relieving study breaks

You would think that after months of endless, ever-present stress in quarantine, that we’d learn how to better handle stressful moments. Yet despite having survived 2020 so far, I still find myself thinking that an upcoming essay deadline is the grave, impending doom lurking in the distance. In those moments, these school stressors seem to […]