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The MLB Playoffs continue to excite

Sports Analyst Tommy Reid discusses both American and National League standings. With the regular MLB season ended, it is now time for some postseason action. Both the wild card games as well as the division series have been completed. The Playoffs began with the Wild Card Games. The Boston Red Sox played the New York […]

photos by Callie Hummel

Zinnhardt kicks winning goal against Temple

Sports analyst Callie Hummel discusses last week’s game against Temple and Zinnhardt being the AAC defensive player of the week. Til Zinnhardt, a junior defender on the Tulsa men’s soccer team, is currently the American Athletic Conference defensive player of the week. His defensive presence on the field has kept the team at only nine […]

Sigma Nu has not responded to multiple requests for comment. photo by Anna Johns

Victim of alleged drink tampering recounts events

The victim expressed frustration with TU’s lack of action in response to the allegations. A petition circulated campus last week pleading for TU to act against fraternity Sigma Nu following allegations that they had been tampering with drinks at their party on Sept. 25. So far, only one victim has reported their drink being tampered […]

Global supply chain crisis causes increase in prices and shortages

Cargo ships and trucks have been slowed or halted by the ongoing logistics jam. The news recently has been littered with pictures of cargo ships waiting outside of major ports all across the world, unable to dock and unload their items. While this has been a widespread media-covered story lately, given the backups could mean […]

courtesy Wikimedia Commons The USS Nautilus, picture above, was the first nuclear-powered submarine, as well as the first submarine to transit the Antarctic submerged.

Maryland couple trying to sell nuclear secrets fails miserably

A Maryland couple unknowingly sold nuclear secrets to an undercover FBI agent posing as a foreign power. Oftentimes we see spies in movies taping flash drives underneath park benches or leaving burner phones in paper bags to make handoffs. Jonathan and Diana Toebbe took this to a whole other level as they began selling government […]

photo by Adam Walsh Between Hardesty and Keplinger halls, the Allen Chapment Student Union, otherwise known as ACSU, houses a variety of restaurants and a convenience store to keep students reasonably well-fed.

Yelp reviewing Allen Chapman Student Union

Writer Shelby Hiens provides candid reviews of every eatery inside the Allen Chapman Student Union. The Student Union is the hot spot for TU students to eat and study together. What makes the union great is there is something for everyone to enjoy as we break from class and socialize with our friends. The staff […]

Tulsa’s Arab Film Festival was curated by Moheb Soliman, pictured above. Photo by Justin Klopfer

Tulsa’s first Arab Film Festival a success

Featuring a variety of movies, documentaries and short films, this inaugural event is sure to be a Tulsa tradition. The Arab Film Festival was an intimate and cheerful affair. It was a great weekend packed with compelling films and documentaries. Tulsans have so few chances for exposure to films like these, so it was a […]

Ayten Amin discussed “Souad” in a recorded Q&A session for the festival. courtesy Ayten Amin

“Souad” provides intriguing, authentic stories

“Souad,” kick-off film of Arab Film Fest, follows two sisters navigating traditional Egyptian culture and social media. Oct. 21 marked the start of Arab Film Fest Tulsa at Circle Cinema, beginning that Thursday and concluding on Sunday. Tulsa Artist Fellow Moheb Soliman and Mizna, an organization for Arab, Southwest Asian and North African art collaborated […]