Gerard Way's makeup took about four hours to complete. courtesy @screaminmeemz on Instagram

My Chemical Romance’s not-so-subtle statement at When Were Young Festival

MCR dress up as younger versions of themselves as a way of making fun of nostalgia culture, i.e., the core of WWWY Festival My Chemical Romance’s elaborate statement at the first day of When We Were Young Festival will be remembered for years to come. Escorted onto the stage by crew members wearing scrubs, four […]

Music is medicine: an interview with Sam Quartin of the Bobby Lees

Our Managing Editor speaks with singer and actress Sam Quartin about her band’s newest record, “Bellevue.” Three years ago, the Bobby Lees made both local and national news when their gear was stolen right here in Tulsa before their show at the Starlight. Local musicians banded together to help the band so they could still […]

The Abortion Question: Point/Counterpoint

The kingly duo that rules The Collegian, the political science department, and US West apartments turn their attention toward America’s most hotly debated question. Point: Zach Short Regardless of what my opponent would have you believe, abortion access in the states is under attack like never before and in need of federal protections. The technocratic […]

Tulsa men’s soccer sitting at second in the AAC

Sports writer Joe McCurdy summarizes Tulsa’s performance this season and their recent victory against Memphis While not matching the results of last year’s 16-2-1season, Tulsa men’s soccer has quietly performed at a level that has gotten national recognition, both at the individual and collective level, with many Tulsa players gaining NCAA honors on top of […]

The underdogs are carrying the torch in this MLB postseason

Sports writer Zach Sabel reports on the results of the MLB postseason picture and what’s to come The MLB postseason is in full swing with the American League Championship Series (ALCS) and the National League Championship Series (NLCS). The Astros currently have a 3-0 lead over the Yankees in the ALCS and the Phillies lead […]

Student Association implements new funding system

SA creates a new funding allocation system aiming to simplify the process The University of Tulsa’s Student Association (SA) is responsible for allocating funding to student organizations. This semester, SA is implementing a new system that will simplify the process for student organizations trying to get funding for events throughout the year. Vice President Asa […]

Vote on recreational cannabis postponed

After a botched ballot process, the measure won’t appear for a vote for another year As the midterm elections loom, many Oklahoma voters remain at a loss as to what became of their signatures on the petition to put Special Question 820 on the Nov. ballot. The initiative would legalize recreational usage and possession of […]

Breaking news: film is dead

If you’ve ever thought they don’t make movies like they used to, you’re right; we’ve entered a new paradigm of cinema In an age where one can access all their favorite movies easier than ever before, a deep contrast appears between new and old. Where there once existed a large variety in production, now only […]

TU beautification helps student mental health

TU invests in their students by investing in their environment Dread. That is what students feel when they wake up to go to classes. Students are drained from last week’s midterms. Now, imagine if you had been sacrificing sleep for studying. Trying your best to become an academic weapon, but the campus was plain. Imagine […]