Michigan State shooting symptomatic of broader issue

The shooting came on the eve of the five-year anniversary of the Parkland High School mass shooting. A mass shooting occurred on the main campus of Michigan State University on Feb 13, 2023 in East Lansing, MI. The shooter claimed three lives and injured five others. Beginning around 8:18 p.m., calls were placed relating to […]

OSU announces plan for $325 million athletics renovations

Sports editor Callie Hummel breaks down where the money will go and how the school plans to finance the upgrades. There’s been major changes throughout college athletics in the past two years. Most notably, the new Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) laws and the recent trend of universities switching conferences. To keep up with these changes […]

MLB 2023: new year, new rules and a new game

Sports writer Sam Beatty discusses the three major new rules being incorporated into the upcoming MLB season and how they will change the overall game. Spring training for the 2023 MLB season has just begun, and there are a few new rule changes that could have large impacts on the game this year. The first […]

Tornadoes roll through the state, cause widespread damage and injuries.

Seven tornadoes tore through a handful of Oklahoma towns, including Norman. Storms from the Texas panhandle wreaked havoc on Norman, OK, causing significant damage to approximately 80 homes this past week. Wind gusts of nearly 90 mph accompanied the tornado, making the series of tornadoes that touched down in Norman all the more dangerous. Norman […]

United Nations agrees on historic treaty to protect the oceans

A decade of talks held by the United Nations has finally led to a treaty designed to protect the biodiversity of the high seas from human impact. For over a decade, the United Nations has been trying to work out the language for a treaty that would protect the high seas from overfishing and negative […]

SGA elections chaos continues

One candidate has been disqualified, and a second runoff election is in the works as this historic election cycle continues. In the past two weeks, history has been made in the Student Government Association executive elections, and it’s not the kind that bears remembering. The first general election ended in a runoff in which former […]

“Hogwarts: Legacy” disappoints on many fronts

Rowling sucks and so does this game, but it’s not all bad. With spellcasting and adventure, “Hogwarts: Legacy” provides players with an open-world experience that mimics the feel and look of the fictional “Harry Potter” series. At this point, the magic of an open-world game that is missing a proper storyline fades away, and what […]

SAG Awards 2023 brings record breaking nominations and wins

“Everything Everywhere All at Once” dominated the Screen Actors Guild Awards. The 2023 Awards season has officially begun, kicking off with the 29th Screen Actors Guild Awards. On Feb. 26, the Screen Actors Guild Awards premiered for the first time ever on Netflix’s Youtube streaming platform. This new partnership eliminated the pesky commercials and gave […]

Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez: everything you need to know

Has Hailey Bieber gone too far with her Selena Gomez obsession? Hailey Bieber is trending, once again, on the internet for being a celebrity “mean girl” toward Selena Gomez. Both Gomez and Bieber have been romantically involved with Justin Bieber, thus being pitted against each other as jealousy takes control. But, who even is Hailey […]

Chemicals from Space?

Are aliens the root of all our problems? The sudden appearance of a so-called “weather balloon” being shot down has sparked debate about if that balloon was indeed a balloon or some form of extraterrestrial being that has now created a chemical spill in Western Ohio. With public officials urging the locals who have private […]