Farewell letter: Zach Short

It has been an absolute blast working with this paper, and I am appreciative of all the people that came together to make it possible. None of what we have made this year could have happened without our dedicated staff, each and every one of our writers and all those who gave interviews and tipped […]

Farewell letter: Kyle Garrison

Well, it happened. The woke mob finally got me. Has cancel-culture gone too far? [Omit, rhetorical question – Zach]. I will no longer edit the satire section due to my potential imminent graduation. To the few who actually read this, write for the collegian next year. I beg of you, you will probably not regret […]

Farewell letter: Maddie Walters

I am unbelievably grateful for The Collegian and what it has allowed me to do over the past four years. I started out as a staff writer before eventually becoming the social media manager — a position which helped me get a summer internship at TulsaPeople Magazine last year. Around the same time, I finally […]

Farewell letter: Celeste McAtee

I remember the first time I discovered The Collegian. I was a freshman, hunched over my laptop at a table on the bottom floor of McFarlin, and I was looking for any opportunity to distract myself from the math homework I was supposed to submit in an hour. I spotted the beige-gray paper and bold […]

Farewell letter: Mary Lickona

(Cliche beginning:) Well, here we are. It seems only yesterday I was reading the letters of the seniors last year and thinking of all they accomplished. The main difference between now and then is that I was not on The Collegian staff this time last year. So first off, I would like to thank Zach […]

TU women’s tennis wins during Senior Night

Sports writer Carlota Soler Vázquez discusses Laia Conde Monfort’s and Lian Benedejcic’s wins during Senior Night. With just two more matches before women’s Tulsa Tennis departs for Florida to defend the AAC title. The team made Senior Day a memorable win against Cincinnati, who could not leapfrog the Tulsa players and returned to Ohio with […]

TU introducing three new NIL platforms

Sports editor Callie Hummel discusses the new ways TU student athletes can make money while playing. If there’s one thing everyone knows about The University of Tulsa, it’s that they love their athletes. It should come as no surprise, then, that the athletics department has worked with administration to create more Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) […]

New rule proposing to ban books with “pornographic materials”

Ryan Walters claims a school in the Oklahoma City School District had a “grossly inappropriate” book which has led him to propose new censorship regulations for school libraries. Oklahoma State Superintendent Ryan Walters is pushing for punishments for schools who have obscene materials in their libraries. He began this campaign as a reaction to a […]

What Trump’s arrest will mean for his election prospects

A total of 34 felony counts have been filed against Trump for falsifying records, marking the first time in history a former president surrendered to law enforcement and was placed under arrest. Donald Trump’s recent arrest marks the first time in history that a former president surrendered to law enforcement and was placed under arrest. […]

Oklahoma undermines marriage equality

Don’t be surprised when Obergefell v. Hodges is next to fall. When the U.S. Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade (1973) and Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992) last summer, it offered two primary justifications for its decision to revoke the 50-year-old right to abortion. In his majority opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization […]