Meet The Collegian team this year!

Name: Shelby Hiens Position: Editor-in-Chief Majors/minors: Major: Computer Science, Minors: Mathematics, Computer Simulation & Gaming Development Favorite thing to do in Tulsa: Explore downtown Tulsa and vintage stores Favorite band/artist: Fall Out Boy Favorite artist: Vincent Van Gogh Other TU Organizations: Gen1TU, Society of Women Engineers, Night Tennis Club Pineapple on pizza?: Yes (the correct […]

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Two weeks ago, TU hosted Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard and special guest Alice Cooper in Chapman Stadium during their pitstop on The World Tour. The five hour concert brought over 20,000 people to campus and concert-goers applauded TU for taking the unique opportunity to bring the rock legends to Tulsa. This business venture was a […]

Resources to help you succeed

From studying abroad to counseling, TU has an office for everything. Here is a list of campus resources that can help you out With the school year officially in motion, it’s not uncommon for you to have a million questions with no clue who to ask. Trying to figure out who can help you and […]

Events at TU this semester

TU hosts weekly events catered to the students, here’s a list of this week’s events and some to look forward to this semester. Events this week: Hurricane Thursday Prior to the first football game of the season, TU Events is hosting a tailgate for students on the New U. Despite having a zone for tailgating […]

Easy college meals anyone can make

Students with a full kitchen or just a kettle can make these simple meals! In college you are always pressed for time and money. This can make figuring out what to eat difficult, especially when dining hall food starts to get old. You are also likely to have limited appliances to cook with. Here are […]

Best off-campus dining: Your taste buds will thank you

From comfort food to innovative delights, here are a few must-visit eateries every TU student should try! As you make Tulsa your new home for the next few months, finding your go-to off campus meal is vital. The dining options on campus get stale sooner rather than later, then it becomes a daunting adventure to […]

Navigate Tulsa parking without getting a ticket

Concerts galore, parking is never a bore. Tulsa, Oklahoma, a city renowned for its rich cultural heritage and thriving business community, is also known for its unique parking challenges. Whether you’re a resident, visitor or business owner in Tulsa, understanding the city’s parking landscape is essential. In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs […]

Study tips for a successful year

Start off the year right with eight study tips to keep you on track. #1 Go to class! Before you can study, you need to learn something first. Your professors, parents and friends will nag you about it at some point — but seriously — go to your classes. Don’t make me Cane Cares you. […]

Best study spaces in Tulsa

Studying in the same place every day gets boring. Improve your productivity by trying these spots! There is no doubt that The University of Tulsa has a beautiful library filled with quiet spaces that can suit any individual’s needs; however if you are anything like me, you need a change of scenery. Lucky for you, […]

TU fitness facilities to keep you fit

Looking for a way to avoid the Freshman-15? Check out the facilities at TU’s Collins Fitness Center. The University of Tulsa kicks off the 2023-24 school year with a wide variety of fitness activities and facilities available to its incoming and returning students. During the 2023 spring semester, the Collins Fitness Center (CFC) has gone […]