Farewell letter: Bella Musollino

In just a few more hours, I will finally have my Sundays back. Just a year ago, I was roped into becoming the Commentary Editor for The Collegian. I guess I was too good at my job because not long after, Shelby (Editor-in-TimeThief) tricked me into becoming the Managing Editor against my will. My Sundays […]

Farewell letter: Jeana Brewer

I have not worked at The Collegian for very long. It was only because of Shelby Hiens, our Editor-in-Chief, that I joined. I remember sitting in the Union as she gave her speech as to why I should join The Collegian as the new Commentary Editor, and honestly as a broke college student I was […]

Farewell letter: Peighton Johnson

As the end of my final semester at The University of Tulsa creeps up, I am realizing how truly odd it is to be writing a farewell letter for The Collegian. For three years, I resisted the peer pressure to join the student newspaper, if only for the sake of the joke. Well everybody, they […]

See me after class

See Me After Class is a weekly column where a different professor reveals their variety favorites. Dr. Boris Dralyuk is a presidential professor of English and Creative Writing in the College of Kendall Arts & Sciences. He is a critic, poet and translator who has taught Creative Writing and Poetry Writing courses on campus. He […]

The Collegian Distributor’s favorite places on campus

Peighton enlightens the masses. As a graduating senior, I wanted to leave a parting gift to both The Collegian and The University of Tulsa. Instead of paying $70 for a brick with my name on it, I thought I would give readers a list of my top 10 favorite places on campus. Starting from the […]

Men’s Tennis drops the ball in AAC Quarterfinals

Sports editor Jaralynn Tammi Morellano says Tulsa’s first round victory was short lived. The University of Tulsa’s men’s tennis team, seeded fifth, met the 12-seed Wichita State Shockers in the American Athletic Conference Men’s Tennis Championship. After coming out on top of the Shockers on April 18, it moved on to face the No. 4 […]

49ers stir up a storm of its own against the Golden Hurricane

Sports editor Jaralynn Tammi Morellano says Tulsa pulled the short end of the straw. The University of Tulsa’s softball team met devastating results at the end of its trilogy against Charlotte in the Collins Family Softball Complex. The teams met once on Friday, April 19, and twice the following day. All three games ended in […]

Biden panders to uncommitted voters

Supporters of Palestine pressure the Biden administration to act. During the primary elections a few weeks ago, pro-Palestinians decided to vote uncommitted on the Democratic ballot, disaffiliating themselves with Biden as a form of protest against him and his policy on Gaza. This policy even became famous with Representative Rashid Tlaib, the only Palestinian in […]

Tulsa tennis finishes with victories this weekend

Sports editor Jaralynn Tammi Morellano says tennis did nothing but serve this weekend. Simultaneous with the Golden Hurricane’s success in softball, The University of Tulsa’s tennis programs were earning victories of its own just next door. The men’s and women’s teams faced Lindenwood and North Texas, respectively. The first to grab its victory was the […]

Student solar solidarity

Students joined together to witness the solar eclipse. On April 8, 2024, the campus experienced a rare cosmic alignment known as the solar eclipse. This occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, casting a shadow over certain regions of our planet and blocking the sun from view. This occurrence is scientifically […]