White nationalist council member ousted

Narrowly voted into office, Enid residents fought to recall Judd Blevins. Narrowly winning a city council election in February 2023, Judd Blevins became a city council member for Enid, Oklahoma. The city of around 50,000 residents elected him by a mere 36 vote difference. Blevins, a US veteran of Iraq and owner of a roofing […]

Devastating bridge collapse

The bridge plummeted into freezing dark water late into the night. The third largest bridge in Maryland, the Francis Scott Key Bridge, with a length of 8,635 ft, suffered a catastrophic failure when struck by a 984-foot container ship called Dali. This tragedy has left the city of Baltimore and the nation in shock, prompting […]

Accessibility concerns on campus

Campus dorms face scrutiny amongst many other TU buildings. Accessibility is an important topic, but it is not always something that comes to mind. I, like many other able-bodied students, forget that there are areas of our campus that are limited to those with physical accessibility needs. Things as simple or grand as a ramp, […]

Letter to the Editor

Every day we witness the horror of innocent people being killed by an Israeli military supported by the US government and financed by US taxpayers. Thousands of innocent lives have been lost. Many more will die unless a meaningful ceasefire is put in place, humanitarian aid allowed into Gaza and Israeli apartheid ended. As the […]

Marvelous Mabee Week

The residence halls showed out as they hosted a slate of events for Mabee Week. This year’s Mabee Week was a great success as all five residence halls came together to host phenomenal events. Students had an exhilarating time throughout the entire week. Kicking off the week with a bang, Monday saw a full-fledged prank […]

Opening day for Tulsa Farmers’ Market

Tulsa Farmers’ Market is officially in the spring season. Tulsa Farmers’ Market, located in Kendall Whittier, held its opening day market last Saturday to welcome its 27th Spring season. This was the largest opening market, with 85 local businesses selling crafts and produce. For the past few months, the Tulsa Farmers’ Market has been working […]


Aries (March 21-April 19): Are you a psychopath, a cereal killer, or are you just really into post-modern art Aries. Either way your fits are atrocious, your music taste is mid, and you probably prefer to eat your cereal with water first, then cereal on top. And you like rice krispies, you flavor-fearing-freak. Taurus (April […]

The Weekly Yak

It was a bad week for people who thought there would be something to look forward to last week. Personally, pulling up the class schedules had me feeling like a fool at 8am on April first, knowing full well that the classes I need aren’t being offered. If you see me posting The Weekly Yak’s […]

A long-overdue, heartfelt thank you to TU alumni and students

What follows is an inexcusably belated expression of gratitude to TU students and alumni for their actions during a relatively recent, deeply regrettable episode in the history of this institution. Recent and momentous though the event may have been, some context is required for anyone who arrived on campus after 2020. In April 2019, TU […]

Boone: One-hit wonder?

Benson Boone’s newest album is set to release early April. The 21-year-old pop singer-songwriter released his newest song “Slow It Down” on March 21 along with an announcement for his next album “Fireworks & Rollerblades” set to release April 5. Benson Boone originally started his career as a contestant on American Idol after shocking judges […]