With Brennen Gray as the Feature Creature

I’m not usually one of those guys who throws up his hands and dramatically proclaims that he’s DONE with his favorite sport because of some displeasing development.

But Anthony Davis is testing me. Once one of my favorite non-Celtics, his shameless attempt to force the Pelicans to trade him to the Los Angeles Lakers with more than a year remaining on his contract has left a worse taste in my mouth than gas station sushi.

I’ve been pleased to see that Davis has received mostly negative feedback, but the recent rhetoric from the Brow and other superstars like Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard and Kyrie Irving shows a disturbing and unhealthy contempt for fans. Even worse is the attitude from those defending these multi-million dollar prima donnas by overemphasizing the labor issues present.

Yes, people should have autonomy over their career choices. Free agency and player power are generally good things. But let’s be real, the idea of team control in 2019 isn’t concerned with giving owners authority over chattel, it’s about protecting the integrity of the game and quality of the competitive product.

Maybe, just maybe, you shouldn’t risk alienating your entire fanbase by pretending that it’s irrelevant if all the best players can relocate themselves to play with each other at any time. What’s the end-game of that supposed to be? Mercenary players signing one-day contracts?

Will Sports Last
Are sports going to die out as a popular activity for humanity? What about just America? Here’s the deal.

That exchange between commentators about Johnny Hekker’s punt being the most exciting part of the Super Bowl went more viral than the flu on a state run by anti-vaccers. Why? Because it was true. Year after year after year, someone will win a national championship, and then we will all go home.

Competition will be innately human for many more thousands of years for sure, but stadium sports? I am unsure.
The NBA will see the same couple teams at the end of the playoffs every year for around a decade. The Golden State Warriors will march onto the court and walk away with a win to no surprise.

Third, golf is boring.

Lastly, baseball is the most fun sport to watch in person. I say that as a basketball fan. But on T.V. I will never be able to stay awake past the fifth inning.

And so, we have two main options. First, perhaps we can always make new sports. Rocket league IRL! Or maybe Quidditch with motorcycles! The possibilities are endless.

The other option of course would be to simply scrap sports in general and then focus on other things. The Olympics and the Super Bowl will still be around of course, but they will no longer be some of the most-watched television events in America.

Sorry this is so sullen guys, this has already been a long week. Love yall!

Post Author: Justin Guglielmetti