A bittersweet, succinct goodbye letter

I’m constantly thinking: it’s weird being at this exact moment of time. I think this about a lot of moments that feel rare, that I’ve anticipated or even dreaded for a long while. I think it on holidays, at funerals, and I know I’ll feel it at my commencement. Before that however, this, the last day I’ll have working with The Collegian, can be a sort of preview for that feeling. Just like commencement, I’m dealing with the bittersweet emotion of being done with a bit of work, and yet simultaneously having to say goodbye to a really great group of people.

I’ve had a lot of fun writing for the Collegian. If journalism or writing reviews or taking pictures or even graphic design are a passion of yours, you should join this student paper; it’s a really great one (in my totally unbiased opinion, of course). If those aren’t your passions, or the Collegian isn’t where you want to take them, consider throwing yourself into some other club on campus, seriously. The Collegian has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my college career, but I won’t pretend that kind of experience is at all unique to this club. So I’m suggesting committing yourself to anything that you feel a passion for, whether that’s a sport, a hobby, or a volunteer organization. It worked out pretty damn well for me and I regret not joining sooner.

As a parting word I’d like to say something about the incoming staff-members and returning writers of the Collegian. Every year the current staff begins to panic, usually at the start of the second semester, as we consider the necessity of replacing graduating editors and staff-members. Every year our fears are quelled by the time of graduation, when our office is full of new and enthusiastic staff-members ready to take the helm. I know it sounds corny, but for as long as I’ve been apart of this organization, its operated like an ambitious group of friends, and I’m confident next year will be no different.

Post Author: Trenton Gibbons