A brief introduction to classic sports anime

Sports are a great source of entertainment, and they are easy to get into as well as stay involved in. People can get involved by having a favorite sports team, a favorite player or just by having a favorite sport to watch. The sky’s the limit when it comes to sports because there are so many different ways to actually get invested, and by different, I mean different; yes, there are real live sports, but how about watching anime sports?

Anime is a popular genre that reaches a large audience. Some popular anime classified as childhood classics that many people enjoy are “Naruto,” “Pokemon,” “Dragon Ball Z” and “Yu Gi Oh.” Each anime series has a different theme , such as how “Naruto” is about a young ninja who strives to be the best ninja of his village. “Pokemon” is about a kid and his friends on a quest to win badges and becoming the best pokemon trainer there is. “Dragon Ball Z” is about a group of characters defending the earth against evil, and throughout the show, conflict always appears to arise. “Yu Gi Oh” is about a kid who receives an egyptian artifact, which possesses unknown secrets and is on a quest to figure out those secrets with the help of his friends. Compared to these classic, if far-fetched in terms of plot, animes, a more relatable anime is called “Haikyuu.”

“Haikyuu” is an anime series about Shōyō Hinata, a boy who is determined to become a great volleyball player despite his small stature.
The most common sports anime that I think people will know is the anime series “Speed Racer.” An 18-year-old driver competes on the international racing circuit. The series must have been pretty good because they made a 2008 film based on the series. Emile Hirsch is our protagonist’s name, and he is on a fast and hot start on becoming one of the best racers there is. He demolishes his competition every time they decide to line up against him, and eventually he uncovers some big family secrets. Though I haven’t seen the series yet personally, I’ve heard some good stuff about it.

Sports are all around the world, whether you are watching them live or from a tv series. Sports are still sports so why not venture out and watch some sport animes? Find a sport that you are passionate about and give it a try. They have a ton of sport animes, but those two are the most well known.

Post Author: Joseph Breedlove