A comprehensive list of ways to deal with Nazis

The incidents involving Richard Spencer and a few rogue fists have left many people wondering if punching a Nazi is acceptable. Well, have no fear and waste no time debating this question further. As an avid Indiana Jones fan, I have compiled a comprehensive list of ways to deal with Nazis. Running over a Nazi with a large truck carrying the Ark of the Covenant? You’re A-OK. Dropping someone into a pit full of snakes? Mmm, probably not, that’s a Nazi move. Whatever you’re considering, just check the list to make sure you’re in the moral clear! After all, if a movie protagonist doesn’t get in any trouble for doing it, why should you?

1. Punching
2. Shooting
3. Hitting with a palm tree
4. Running over
5. Pushing off a large cliff
6. Slicing up with an airplane propeller
7. Lighting on fire
8. Witnessing their soul be ripped from their body through the power of the Ark
9. Punching
10. Watching them drink from a false cup of the last supper and age to oblivion
11. Blowing up their assault tank
12. Sticking a metal bar into their motorcycle spokes
13. Hitting with a large flagpole

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