A few books to brighten your day

Local bookworm Tori Gellman returns to The Collegian with more book recommendations.

If you’re feeling ORDINARY:
“All My Friends are Superheroes” by Andrew Kaufman
In this short and charming novel, readers become invested in Tom and his wife, The Perfectionist, who, immediately following their nuptial vows, is no longer able to see her husband. The length of a plane ride to Canada is all Tom has left to get The Perfectionist to see him, or she’ll never be able to again. With a delightful myriad of characters and a knack for tapping into something within all of us, Andrew Kaufman’s superpower is taking the seemingly ordinary quirks of everyday people and turning them into powerful skills that constitute a name and a cape.

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If you’re feeling LOST:
“Imagine Wanting Only This” by Kristen Radtke
We all have those things in our lives that take up more of our time and thoughts than other people realize. For Kristen Radtke, it’s ruins and the aftermath of destruction. Following the death of her uncle, Radtke decides to stop avoiding her fascination with upheaval and instead dives headfirst into exploring the universal truths that destruction and shambles give us. In an interesting blend of mediums and genres, “Imagine Wanting Only This” provides a darkly poetic look into the therapeutic power amongst the rubble of what gets left behind.

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Post Author: Tori Gellman