Alex Soeder: A personal ad for satire editor

This Colombian White is da satire editor.

Howdy Doo, it is your new buckaroo Alex Soeder as the satire editor for the ‘23-’24 year of the Collegian.

I am so very excited and am full of witty remarks, sarcastic comments and a damn near infinite amount of poppycock to spew for this upcoming year. To those that are not aware, we do not hold back in this section: we say wacky things and we limit our language to that of the deck of any naval craft.

Withholding the sacred words spoken by the lungs of any genetically naval person would be considered a sacrilegious act in this section, and as such, no word outside of the profanity contained by the English lexicon shall be spared.

As we clutch our pearls in preparation for the fowl language (not including birds), the shift from Kyle to Alex takes place, and with it, we transition to another year of the survival of satire in the corner of Collegian.

I am a 5 foot 3 Colombian man, not Mexican, the two get confused all the time and for what? Colombian and Mexican are two entirely different cultures and ethnicities. I get the confusion for those who have not met either, but that population is so incredibly limited that it makes no sense. I should not have to pull up pictures of my parents to “prove” my ethnicity, it should be accepted without question.

Post Author: Alex Soeder