The policy on what type of bags you can bring to football and basketball games photos by Madison Connell

All clear: TU athletics adopts new clear bag policy

The University of Tulsa’s athletic department implemented a common security measure in college athletics.

Clear plastic bag policies are becoming a normal addition to security enhancements in college venues, and the latest in security measures has officially made it to the University of Tulsa. On June 24, the University of Tulsa released its plan to implement a clear bag policy at football and basketball games on campus. Since the football season has officially kicked off, here is some information to make getting through security a breeze.
The policy regulates both the size and type of bags that may be carried into the H. Chapman Stadium and the Donald W. Reynolds Center. Only one bag per person is allowed, and it must fall within the following dimensions: clear totes with a 12” x 6” x 12” maximum size, clear one-gallon plastic freezer bags or small clutch purses (these do not have to be clear) no larger than 6.5” x 4.5”.

“TU is the second institution in the state of Oklahoma to institute a clear bag policy for its game day venues,” Associate Athletic Director for Internal Operations Kyle Grooms says. Grooms further specifies that the Department of Athletics made the decision to implement the clear bag policy in a collaborative effort with Campus Security. The decision came out of a national trend to maintain safety in venues. According to Grooms, approximately 90 percent of National Collegiate Athletic Association Football Bowl Subdivision (NCAA FBS) institutions currently have a “clear bag” or a “no bag” policy, and they have reported great success.

In previous years, event staff, Police Officers and Campus Security Officers needed to inspect all bags that came into the entry gates at various points around the stadium. With the new clear bag policy, gate screenings are more efficient, reducing wait times for entry and allowing event staff to search the bags without having to physically inspect them for prohibited items.

While the basic guidelines of the policy are clear, some exceptions do apply. Diaper bags and bags that are carried out of medical necessity are allowed, but fans will be asked to go through the medical lane upon entry and their bags will be inspected by security. Other items that may have their own carrying cases, such as binoculars or cameras, are allowed into the stadium but must either be carried or placed in a stadium approved bag.

TU Athletics has purchased appropriate bags for all Golden Hurricane Club members and all Season Ticket holders, and has provided clear bags at various student giveaways. However, if you still find yourself without a suitable bag, there are a variety of options for finding a clear bag suitable for athletic events. The TU Bookstore sells a clear bag for $12 plus tax, but there are also multiple options for stadium approved bags online. Local shops have even noticed the need for options. LivyLu, a shop in the Pearl District that sells collegiate and local gear, “jumped on the bandwagon,” as owner Tiffany Riley said.

More information regarding the University of Tulsa’s new clear policy can be accessed online through the University of Tulsa’s Athletics Department’s website or at

Post Author: Sydney Sowell