Anonymous reveals Klansmen’s identities: An unnecessary act of aggression

To say the KKK is ever in the right would be almost laughable. However, an invasion of privacy is still an invasion of privacy. In fact, this masked vigilante approach calls to mind various other scandals, specifically the Ashley Madison case.

Again, this situation involved immoral people, and I will in no way stand for these people’s decisions. However there’s a huge problem that comes with these outings. Plastering someone’s private information all over the internet is the newest craze, but one specific group gets hurt because of it: the families.

It’s one thing to take down a single person, but these aren’t simple isolated cases. Multiple people are harmed in these reveals, specifically the families associated with the people involved. Children and significant others often get shamed, even ostracized for something over which they had no power.

It’s wrong to shame them for their lack of knowledge, which is unavoidable when the related offender becomes the newest nationwide criminal. This is why I think these problems should be handled internally.

Rather than post it for the world to see, get the information to the people that actually matter, such as bosses and significant others. It’s one thing for a town to hate the wife because she unwittingly married the KKK member (although that shouldn’t happen either); it’s another for the entire nation to swoop in and destroy her for it.

These members shouldn’t get away scott-free, but it shouldn’t be a national problem, either. Minimizing the shrapnel saves the real victims in the situation, here, and that’s the most important thing in these situations. Spare the families for crimes they did not commit.

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