Anti-Semitic speech and symbols found in Fisher South

An unknown person left racist language in a stairway in the freshman dorm on campus.

On Aug. 27, the co-ed freshman dorm building, Fisher South, was vandalized. The graffiti in the southwest stairwell depicted anti-Semitic symbols and speech.

A resident of the building found the graffiti and reported it on Aug. 27 at approximately 10:50 a.m. The exact time the vandalism occurred is unknown. However, it is thought to have been freshly vandalized because many of the students who live in Fisher South use that staircase multiple times a day, and it had not been reported sooner. The stairwell sees heavy traffic from those who live in Fisher South due to the fact that directly next to the stairwell is the laundry room.

A portion of the hate symbols and speech was physically carved into the wall. The other symbols were wiped into the dust and grime that covered the backside of the stairs. The on-campus physical plant swiftly removed the graffiti.

Mona Chamberlin released a statement, saying, “TU Campus Security is actively investigating the report. When presented with accusations or evidence of acts that could make any members of our campus community feel targeted or unsafe, university officials take those charges seriously and move swiftly to investigate and resolve the issue. Our top priority is ensuring that our students, faculty and staff are safe, secure and accepted.”

She continued with, “This incident is disturbing and completely contrary to the values we seek to instill and foster among our students. Members of the TU community are expected to be accepting and respectful of others while having the courage to stand up to those who are not.” A representative of Fisher South was not available to make a comment on the vandalism.

There are currently no suspects at this time, and the disposition is still open. If you know anything about this vandalism, please call the Campus Police at 918-631-5555.

Post Author: Madison Walters