Applications now accepted for the Future Alumni Council

The Future Alumni Council for the University of Tulsa is currently accepting applications for spots in its student organization.

The FAC is comprised of students currently enrolled at TU who have a passion for their school. They are directly connected to the Alumni Association, and they also run certain events such as Taste of TU at the Homecoming Bonfire or the Bell Ringing.

The organization claims they provide experience in leadership, assist the TU community in general, and, as the name suggests, help current students network with alumni. They have five officer positions, from president to treasurer, as well as over 20 current members.

There were zero freshman in the organization, so I decided to sign up. The application starts off with basic questions, such as name, age, GPA, etc, and then it moves into more in-depth questions regarding personal attitude toward the university as a whole. These questions include, “Please describe why you wish to be a member of the Future Alumni Council and what kind of a contribution you will make to the organization,” and “Explain how your past experience at TU and in the community would make you a good member of the Future Alumni Council.” These questions shouldn’t be incredibly difficult, but they do require some personal thought before answering.

The deadline to apply for the FAC is Sunday, March 6. It’s completely free and there aren’t dues once one becomes a member.

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