Success of IS raid likely to boost morale of Trump supporters

The president’s use of “dog” as an insult has drawn the attention of many. On Saturday Oct. 26 a raid conducted between the United States and Kurdish intelligence resulted in the death of ISIS leader and founder Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The raid was conducted at al-Baghdadi’s compound in Northern Syria. Trump quickly made the announcement […]

The Clippers to rule NBA as new favorites … is that good?

Professional basketball journalist A. C. Boyle discusses the sport’s new order in which power is concentrated in Los Angeles and whether the Clippers will be become a dynasty. As I write this now, the NBA defending champion Golden State Warriors’ 2019-20 season has started 1-5. The Los Angeles darlings of the offseason, the Lakers and […]

Robert Eggers’s “The Lighthouse” is his second film, following “The Witch.” courtesy A24

“The Lighthouse” demonstrates impeccable storytelling

Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe perform with undeniable grace in this intimate and confounding film. As this decade draws to a close, moviegoers are inevitably going to start asking what the greatest films of the 2010’s are. People’s tastes are very subjective, and there is never going to be a “right answer” to this question […]

Kyle MacLachlan (right), along with other actors who worked with David Lynch (left), presented the director with his award. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

David Lynch wins Lifetime Achievement Award

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences honored the acclaimed director for his filmmaking. On Oct. 27, 2019, American Director David Lynch won an honorary Academy Award for his lifetime achievements in filmmaking and his humanitarian causes. At the 11th Annual Governor’s Awards ceremony, an awards ceremony created by The Academy of Motion Picture […]

Gabbard’s military experinece sets her apart from most of the field. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Gabbard and Steyer look to use their debate spots to shake up the field

With the whistleblower scandal ratcheting up every day, it will no doubt come up in the debate. The fourth Democratic Debate will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 15 at 8 p.m., with coverage by CNN News. Anderson Cooper will be one of the moderators for the night. Despite the critical importance of this debate in […]

Bronze staues of the only two head coaches to win the national title in the last four years. graphic by Emma Palmer

No parity or excitement? College football’s dead

College football expert A. C. Boyle analyzes the league after Clemson avoided an upset against NCU, crushing fans’ hopes of something unpredictable happening for once. On Saturday, Sept. 28, an unranked 26.5 point underdog team almost upset the No. 1 ranked Clemson Tigers, the best team in college football and the defending national champions. Almost. […]

As of week three in the NFL, 14 teams were either winless or undefeated. graphic by Emma Palmer

NFL parity intact despite uneven standings

NFL expert A.C. Boyle discusses the implications of the much talked about NFL standings, which left about half the league with 3-0 and 0-3 records. Last Monday, Sept. 23, the Washington Redskins lost an NFL Monday Night Football game against the Chicago Bears, dropping their season record to 0-3 three weeks into the season. The […]

The Cleveland Browns have had a historically bad history as a franchise. courtesy Battle Red Blog

Are the Browns overrated, or off to a rough start?

NFL expert A.C. Boyle weighs in on the rollercoaster NFL team that has been rising and falling in their odds to win the Super Bowl. “You are a factory of sadness,” came the famous cry of one embittered Cleveland Browns fan, shouting towards FirstEnergy Stadium in Ohio as if it were alive and sentient. The […]

Murray led the Cardinals in an inspiring comeback. courtesy Yahoo! Sports

So … how good is Kyler?

NFL journalist A.C. Boyle discusses the true potential of Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray after his recent success. In Kyler Murray’s first game as the starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals, he showcased the kind of mental toughness that every great leader in the NFL needs. The Cardinals had played “three quarters of the worst offense I’ve […]

The respectable defeat finally gave the Caniacs a reason to cheer. graphic by Naomi Dunn

Golden Hurricane loses game 28-7: TU fans rejoice!

Underdog Tulsa beats the odds and only loses football game by 21 points! The Tulsa Golden Hurricanes kicked off their season last Friday on the road against Michigan State, losing their season opener by a final score of 28-7. The Spartans, ranked eighteenth in the nation, were heavily favored entering the game, manhandling TU’s offence […]