Goldie II used as bait for campus scavanger hunt

I suppose you have to take drastic measures to get any kind of student turnout for campus activities. With the fall semester, the University of Tulsa’s campus engagement team has attempted to further student relations through the creation of new activities. One such activity was the faux “Mission Impossible” style scavenger hunt to save Goldie, […]

“Dune” was released this past Friday, Oct. 22. courtesy Legendary Entertainment

Highly anticipated film “Dune” delivers

In “Dune,” director Villenueve transports viewers into the world of Arrakis providing a different, yet fantastic adaptation of the novel. This first section will be completely spoiler-free both for the film and book series. Released on Oct. 22, 2021, the most recent adaptation of Frank Herbert’s 1965 speculative fiction novel “Dune” premiered in theaters. “Dune” […]

photo by Tommy Reid

Tulsa football wins close game against Memphis

Commentary Editor Adam Walsh doesn’t spare the details on the 2021 homecoming game. The University of Tulsa played their homecoming football game on Oct. 9 against the Memphis Tigers. Glancing at the pre-game statistics, both teams have suffered several losses and wins that were one-score games, leading to their records and capabilities seeming worse than […]

Dr. Lars Engle, the professor who taught the King Arthur class, should teach that class again. courtesy

Course catalog causes student kerfuffle

With the schedule for next semester, one has to wonder if the current academic grind will become the status quo After conquering midterms or having midterms conquer them, the University of Tulsa student body now has to look to the next semester, planning courses, sketching out extracurricular time slots and finding out when to scarf […]

Letter from the editors

The Collegian editorial staff wants to clarify our policies, particularly as they pertain to the commentary section of our publication. As per our published guidelines, available in our staff box with each issue, all opinions printed reflect the opinions of their respective authors and do not necessarily represent the opinions of anyone on The Collegian’s […]

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NCAA policy changes may be trouble

Commentary editor Adam Walsh discusses how allowing college-level endorsements positively reinforces negative behavior. In a striking reversal of philosophy, the National Collegiate Athletic Association has changed its player’s rights policy to allow the utilization of a student athlete’s name, image and likeness in promotional material. This translates to allowing students to get paid for things […]

Previously employed at Middle Tennessee State University, Petersen brings to TU experience and a fresh start. photo courtesy

New budget cuts revealed at faculty meeting

Although TU has faced budget cuts in the past, a new wave of reductions leaves faculty and students strangely hopeful On Friday, Sept. 24, a College of Arts and Sciences faculty meeting took place under the direction of the new-ish dean, Karen Petersen. Of course, the second this meeting was planned, the rumor mill guaranteed […]

Hurricane Heartbreak: counteracting breakups with EX-orcisms

This week’s weekly email from TU attempts to tackle breakups and shares healthy ways for students to overcome heartache and loss. In a strangely unimpressive move, the University of Tulsa official email system sent out yet another singularly esoteric and obscure solution to a problem faced by many students. With modern solutions proving too unwieldy […]

While not quite a three-piece suit, President Carson‘s portrait previously graced the walls of the Department of Defense. courtesy Wikipedia Commons

Who is Brad Carson and why is he here?

Does our new President indicate the death of True Commitment or even the birth of a total culture change at TU? At the culmination of a weird year full of extraordinary events, one event slipped through the cracks, gaining a steady appreciation from those in the know and basically no acclaim by the vast majority […]

Local grocery chain forced to sell

For all of those foreign to the great state of Oklahoma and the immaculate seat of the gods known as Tulsa, the grocery store chain Reasor’s might call forth nothing, but to the natives of this large graveyard, Reasor’s was the place you went when Wal-Mart didn’t have what you were looking for, when you […]