Clancy sought to stack the vote with his dark magic. graphic by Emma Palmer

Gerard Clancy and Rattus rattus

Intrepid journalist Anna Johns and Adam Walsh (the other one) uncover the cheesy truth behind the no confidence vote last Thursday. Upon last week’s discovery of Doctor Geronimo Clancy using hangman chalkings to steal his students’ souls, possessed by the Great Old One Azathoth, we, the intrepid duo of Anna Johns and the other one, […]

Football players arrested on drug, firearm charges

Campus Security officers find a firearm, three airsoft guns and 253 grams of marijuana in two freshman’s dorm room. Late at night on Oct. 30 the Tulsa Police Department arrested two University of Tulsa football players in their dorm room for weapons and illegal substance possession at John Mabee Hall. A strong smell of marijuana […]

Boomer jokes a result of a world full of problems

Few generations had it as good as the boomers. Well, this is probably the closest I can get to a satire article in the commentary section. With each of these articles, I always try to go and look through other pieces of information, following what carries my interest and letting my mind wander in the […]

Trump has yet to formally replace Nielsen as DHS Secretary. courtesy Wikipedia

Accumulation of executive branch vacancies bad for stability

The unruliness of this administration leaves it open for more dangerous mistakes. If you were the top level politician in an ostensibly democratic nation, would you prefer a bureaucratic workforce that focuses on security or flexibility? Do you hire the most qualified, patient person or the hotshot that will take the job? Do you create […]

Royals right in suing tabloid after quote altering

The privilege and position of Harry and Meghan does not alter their right to privacy. The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, and her husband Prince Harry have formally leveled a lawsuit at The Daily Mail and General Trust, the foundation behind The Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday. Whether you see them as asking […]

Museum of the Bible involved in smuggling scandal

The evangelical Green family, founders of Hobby Lobby, are reported to have illegally purchased Egyptian papyrus and parchment. When I was a young child, I was enamored with the idea of archeology. Of course, the archeologists I had in mind were more Indiana Jones than Jesse Fewkes, the guy that supervised the excavation of Mesa […]

Gabbard’s stances don’t always fit with the rest of the Democratic Party. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Point Counterpoint: Clinton’s criticism a failed attempt to meddle in the primary

Clinton’s claim that Gabbard is a Russian asset was unfounded and over the line. In one of the stranger rivalries to emerge during the Democratic Primary season, the Hillary Clinton vs. Tulsi Gabbard heavyweight bout has spontaneously appeared. After returning to society following her retreat in the woods after the 2016 presidential election, Clinton was […]

The remnants of that fateful night. photo by Emma Palmer

Beware Clancy and his hanged men

Intrepid super sleuths Anna Johns and Adam Walsh dive into a neo-gothic caper involving a university president, sidewalk chalk and several missing frat boys. Students and faculty alike are being baffled by a sudden influx of chalk drawings, characterized by their child-like penmanship and the lack of understanding of how a person normally reads — […]

Scrutiny comes as NATO member Turkey begins its invasion of Syria. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Trump withdrawal from Syria possibly GOP tipping point

The president and the GOP have always had a strained relationship, but 2020 is fast approaching. United States President Donald Trump has, through his authority as commander in chief, demanded the withdrawal of American forces from Syrian territory, which means abandoning our Kurdish allies in the area — a categorically bad decision. The U.S. has […]