Many of the outspoken former Trump officials have criticized the president after leaving office. courtesy Department of Defense

Trump admin chaos a strategy in and of itself

Trump’s revolving door of administrators and appointees has proven a positive for the president. One of the most interesting facets of the Donald Trump presidency is the apparent lack of an overarching political strategy. The revolving door of confidants, cabinet members and various important positions in the White House indicates a high level of volatility […]

Extreme political discourse pushes public opinion. graphics by Adam Walsh

The Extinction Rebellion adds a new angle to climate discourse

Their demands are radical, and their methods are equally frightening. With the resurgence of climate change in the media, an enterprising group was bound to take advantage of the political spotlight. The Extinction Rebellion, a group formed in May 2018, has swelled immensely, gathering new activists in this post-Greta Thunberg reality. The exact number of […]

Ron Spigelman visited Tulsa to conduct Debussy’s “Images” and the other works at the concert. courtesy Phoenix Symphony

Tulsa Symphony performs transportive rendition of Debussy

Ron Spigelman led the symphony in performing compositions by Rimsky-Korsakov, Mozart and Debussy. There is an extreme beauty in seeing something performed live ⁠— it is, perhaps, one of the most intensely personal things an individual can experience. When the opportunity to go to the Tulsa Performing Arts Center and see their symphony perform one […]

Thunberg didn’t let an ocean stand between her and the U.N. climate summit. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Greta Thunberg has broken through public debate in a profound way

Thunberg caps what has been a polarizing year by addressing the U.N. about climate change. Taking the stage with a fire and fury not seen since the days of Teddy Roosevelt, Greta Thunberg has erupted into the global debate on climate change, going toe-to-toe with United States President Donald Trump, becoming friends with German Chancellor […]

“Nimrod” conference offers opportunities for student writers

This international literary journal will host panel discussions and meetings with published authors and agents this October. With the spookiest month of the year creeping up, a convention covering a university student’s worst nightmare arrives, stalking the dark corners of TU with memories of late nights, mental breakdowns and rather unimpressive outcomes. This fear? Writing. […]

The PM’s apologies have not necessarily assuaged Canadians courtesy Reuters/Twitter

Blackface costumes and earlier scandal say a lot about Trudeau

Timing of the pictures’ discovery coincides with the Canadian election in October. When I saw the news breaking that pictures of Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, in black-/brownface were released to the public, I could only think in anguished groans and rather brutal comments about the man and his lack of character. For […]

General Motors strike a result of disloyalty to workers

After getting bailed out in 2008, GM did not respond in a similar way toward its employees. For those of you just joining the resurgence of labor rights activism, the leaders of the United Auto Workers union called upon 48,000 members to strike against working conditions at General Motors. The strike follows the expiration of […]