Silent Movie Night: a good time for a few

The creative concept struggles for a successful attendance turnout. The latest big idea from Student Life generated quite a buzz, drawing in a crowd of… about 25 students. The Silent Movie Night on Wednesday was an interesting concept that ultimately fell short of being able to be considered a successful event. The premise was simple. […]

Counterpoint: Cinnamon rolls are good

The earliest known cinnamon rolls originate from Ancient Egypt. Cinnamon was used in their embalming process, followed by wrapping the body in cloth, meaning that a mummy could be considered a cinnamon roll. But let’s focus on the kind that tastes good. The first modern cinnamon rolls are attributed to the Swedish in the 1500s. […]

Texas clashes with Supreme Court over border control

Abbott claims he has the right to protect Texas and defy the federal government. Texas and the federal government have entered a standoff over border control. The number of undocumented people entering the United States from the Mexico-United States border has been increasing, with recent months setting record numbers. According to United States Customs and […]

Implications of the Middle East conflict

The end remains uncertain. Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza is in full swing. The Israeli Defense Force claims they have divided the Gaza Strip between the north and south, and are now “penetrating the heart” of the capital, Gaza City. But there is still likely a lfong way before the end of the war. According […]

TU Buys the Numbers

A cold Friday night. Thousands of TU students, parents and fans are living it up and pretending that tomorrow’s disappointment is not an inevitability. But before we could light up the giant bonfire and make the surrounding trees nervous, President Brad Carson had a few words to share. Plus a bunch of numbers to share […]

Saudi Arabia announces Esports World Cup

Sports Writer A. Isaac McGill says summer 2024 brings the largest prize pool of Esports. Next summer, gamers from around the world will have the opportunity to compete in the world’s first Esports World Cup, hosted by Saudi Arabia. Mohammad bin Salman, the crown prince, prime minister and authoritarian leader of Saudi Arabia announced the […]

Impending Israel ground invasion

Gaza has reached an extreme level of crisis with the looming threats. Since the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas War three weeks ago, Israel has promised that a major ground invasion is to come. After Hamas’ surprise attack on Southern Israel from the Gaza Strip, the Israeli Army, also known as the Israeli Defense Force, has […]

Exclusive Interview: Ghost of McFarlin Library

A brave (and quite handsome) reporter gets the scoop on the campus’s spookiest resident. This Halloween season, it is the perfect time to learn more about one of the most prominent, yet enigmatic beings on campus: the ghost of McFarlin Library. So, equipped with an arsenal of overpriced gadgets, I pursued the spirit in a […]

Israel-Hamas War breaks out, death toll mounts

Decades of tension explode into war between Israel and Hamas. Five thousand rockets signaled the end of an unstable peace and the outbreak of war on Saturday, Oct. 7. The barrage was followed by an invasion of over 2,000 soldiers into Israel. In just seven days, 3,000 people have died, the majority of them civilians, […]


Aries: Good fortune will come your way if you start doing 20 crunches every day. If not good fortune, then at least decent abs. Take what you can get. Taurus: There’s someone secretly out to get you. Nobody can say for sure who it is. It might be your roommate. It might be one of […]