Newman Catholic Center debates ethics of euthanasia

The Rev. Sean O’Brien led discussion concerning the moral implications of physician-assisted suicide. “Death should be a beautiful, good moment,” proclaimed Rev. Sean O’Brien in front of a group of TU students on Tuesday night. Most students in the group had affiliation with TU’s Catholic Newman Center, which sponsored the event. O’Brien’s discussion took a […]

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Decals decrying opioids well-intended, falls short

Stickers on Oklahoma and Oklahoma State Universities’ helmets that said “stop opioids” are a timely gesture that affected little lasting change. During last Saturday’s annual Bedlam game between OU and OSU, players on both teams wore decals that read “STOP OPIOIDS” on their helmets. Earlier this year, Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter said 2,684 Oklahoman […]

University of Tulsa

Documentary “Waste Land” worth a watch

“Waste Land” depicts the life of Brazilian landfill workers and their experiences and observations on the garbage in which they work. Vic Muniz is a New York-based artist most famous for his works that involve objects people don’t consider art: chocolate, glass, plastics, jelly, sand and drywall, just to name a few. Born in the […]

photo by Raven Fawcett

TU’s Russian Studies dishearteningly deteriorates

Russian studies are still relevant in today’s world, and students continue to show interest, yet TU has failed to give the department the resources it needs. TU’s Russian Studies degree program has humble beginnings. In 1979, history professor Dr. Joseph Bradley moved here from Harvard. Students in his classes showed interest in TU gaining a […]