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Country remembers Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the second woman to serve on the Supreme Court and a staunch advocate for women’s rights, died in her home on Sept. 18. Her death was due to complications of metastatic pancreatic cancer, according to the court. She was 87. Upon hearing the news of Ginsburg’s death, President Donald Trump told reporters, […]

Temperature Screening: A Self-Insert Fanfiction

I bolt awake, ripping the covers away from me as my alarm shrieks in my ear. I need to stop sleeping with my phone under my pillow; while it is easy to grasp in those blurry first moments of a new day, it’s nearly impossible to avoid going deaf with each snooze. Stumbling onto the […]

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Playback 1/27/20

Arctic Monkeys — “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not” When I was 13, I had specific images of England in mind: girls with scribbled, smoky eyeliner, ashing what was left of their cigarettes, moody skies and faded brick landscapes, the intangible spirit of rock, whatever fostered the Clash, the Smiths and the […]

The wombat, an Australian mammal whose burrows have provided space for smaller animals to escape the fire. courtesy JJ Harrison, Wikimedia Common

Australian wildfires devastate wildlife, unclear if new rain will help

The fires in Australia have burnt the equivalent area of South Korea or Portland, according to The Guardian. Sparking outrage and ecological concerns, the ongoing Australian wildfires are part of the country’s worst fire seasons on record. As of this week, the Australian Broadcasting Company reports the damage has so far totaled to 24 million […]

Clancy sought to stack the vote with his dark magic. graphic by Emma Palmer

Gerard Clancy and Rattus rattus

Intrepid journalist Anna Johns and Adam Walsh (the other one) uncover the cheesy truth behind the no confidence vote last Thursday. Upon last week’s discovery of Doctor Geronimo Clancy using hangman chalkings to steal his students’ souls, possessed by the Great Old One Azathoth, we, the intrepid duo of Anna Johns and the other one, […]

Women’s health data collaborative analyzes problems

Emma Swepston from Metriarch, a women’s health data collaborative, talks about the “uncomfortable” subject of women’s health. The George Kaiser Family Foundation founded Take Control Initiative (TCI) to improve access to contraception and reproductive health education. The group expands services to offer equitable access to contraceptive methods that are best for each individual and family. […]

Emos endure TikTok e-boy invasion

A factionalized emo group is tested by a new age of alt kids. Located in Nebraska, the Cult of Unbelievers inspires a dwindling punk pop, self-proclaimed emo fanbase with a simple message: we’ll carry on. Members are clad in Hot Topic band merchandise with striped long-sleeves and chipped black nails. It’s a union, the group […]

The remnants of that fateful night. photo by Emma Palmer

Beware Clancy and his hanged men

Intrepid super sleuths Anna Johns and Adam Walsh dive into a neo-gothic caper involving a university president, sidewalk chalk and several missing frat boys. Students and faculty alike are being baffled by a sudden influx of chalk drawings, characterized by their child-like penmanship and the lack of understanding of how a person normally reads — […]

SAVE’s yearly hosting of the Clothesline Project displayed in front of McFarlin Library in 2017. courtesy SAVE/Facebook

Support for survivors during Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is a time for students to educate themselves on patterns of abuse and how to keep themselves and their peers safe. October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a chance for survivors and advocates alike to raise awareness to the topic of domestic abuse and its effects on victims. Several national organizations, like Take […]

In 2016, the University of Tulsa consisted of 1,200 international students, versus 750 international students this year. graphic by Emma Palmer

International student enrollment notably down

With the overall national enrollment of international students falling, TU has taken a hit as well. According to the Tulsa World, international students at TU have gone from “20 percent enrollment a few years ago to 12 percent this year” and may be around 10 percent this fall. The sharp decline has affected TU in […]