Oklahoma school choice bill could have consequences

House Bill 1934 may be harmful to funding for public schools. Governor Stitt celebrated the final passage of Oklahoma’s House Bill 1934 earlier this year. This bill’s other name is the Oklahoma Parental Choice Tax Credit Act. This bill creates a voucher program intended to alleviate the cost of attending accredited private schools. It essentially […]

Senator continues to block military confirmations despite Israeli crisis

Senator Tuberville believes the Pentagon’s abortion policy justifies his months-long blockage of the confirmation of military personnel. Senator Tuberville has single-handedly delayed the confirmation of nearly every personnel nominated to move into the military that requires confirmation since February of this year. Air Force Gen. C.Q. Brown, who has been a combat pilot and chief […]

Oklahoma substitute teacher shortages persist

Increased wages meant to help fill these positions are soon to run out. The role of substitute teachers is changing. In a time when teachers are in short supply, substitutes are now in constant need. Oklahoma’s educational struggles have exacerbated the problem as they desperately scramble to find anyone to fill their classrooms. Gregory Hardin, […]

Infamous kiss leads Rubiales and Vilda to leave Spanish soccer

Spanish soccer hopes to erase this embarrassing chapter, says sports writer Aurora Stewart. After weeks of pressure from the sports world and Spanish society, Luis Rubiales has resigned. He stepped down from his position as the Spanish soccer federation president late Sunday, Sept. 10 after the backlash against him for non-consensually kissing a Spanish soccer […]

McConnell’s health has political impact

Following a freeze during his public appearance, McConnell is pressured to retire early. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McCo- nnell appeared to freeze during a public television appearance last week render- ing him incapable of response. This is his second incident of this nature which has raised many questions concerning his health and made him the […]

Leaders after the GOP debates

The GOP debates last weekend left strong indications of the top three candidates and the impact of Trump’s legal problems on his campaign. With the GOP debates being last week- end, everyone is scrambling to predict who will lead the Republican prima- ries. Let’s take a look at the current top three rated candidates, and […]

Pressure mounts for Spanish Soccer Federation

Spanish Soccer Federation President Luis Rubiales is under fire, says sports writer Aurora Stewart. During the Spanish women’s team’s trophy ceremony after they won their first Women’s World Cup final vs. England 1-0, Spanish Soccer Federation President Luis Rubiales forcibly kissed Jenni Her- moso and made a crotch-grabbing motion in view of Queen Letizia of […]

Easy college meals anyone can make

Students with a full kitchen or just a kettle can make these simple meals! In college you are always pressed for time and money. This can make figuring out what to eat difficult, especially when dining hall food starts to get old. You are also likely to have limited appliances to cook with. Here are […]

College dorm essentials you definitely need

The dorm essentials you didn’t know you needed. As a freshman it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what exactly you need in your new dorm. Most people know to bring the basics such as a shower caddy, mini fridge, etc. But what about the things you only discover you need later on into […]

New rule proposing to ban books with “pornographic materials”

Ryan Walters claims a school in the Oklahoma City School District had a “grossly inappropriate” book which has led him to propose new censorship regulations for school libraries. Oklahoma State Superintendent Ryan Walters is pushing for punishments for schools who have obscene materials in their libraries. He began this campaign as a reaction to a […]