What Trump’s arrest will mean for his election prospects

A total of 34 felony counts have been filed against Trump for falsifying records, marking the first time in history a former president surrendered to law enforcement and was placed under arrest. Donald Trump’s recent arrest marks the first time in history that a former president surrendered to law enforcement and was placed under arrest. […]

MLB introduces new rules, increases popularity

Sports writer Aurora Stewart discusses the four new rules including the addition of a pitch clock and aim to make baseball a more entertaining sport. This year’s baseball Opening Day was not just the beginning of the 2023 season, it was also the first time four new rules have been officially used in the major […]

Horoscopes 4/10/2023 – 4/16/2023

Expect a lucky week thanks to the Sun and Jupiter conjunction on the 11th! Aries, this is a very lucky week for you! Between the 11th and 12th the Sun meets Jupiter in Aries for the first time in 12 years! This is a time for productivity. Take that leap. Luck will be on your […]

TU SA welcomes Jennifer Fierro as their President following a very controversial run-off

Former candidate, Athan Lau found guilty of violations leading to his disqualification and a new runoff. Campus politics have been dominated for the past month by the unexpected events after the first Students Association Presidential run-off of the year. This run-off was quickly followed by multiple judicial hearings and a second run-off that resulted in […]

Kevin Stitt still battling to allow sports betting in Oklahoma

Stitt hopes to turn around his past failures and finally allow sports betting in OK by the end of the current legislative session, reports sports writer Aurora Stewart Governor Kevin Stitt has made sports betting legalization one of his main goals for the four-month legislative session that began Feb. 6. Stitt says he is currently […]

Horoscopes 2/13/2023 – 2/18/2023

Valentines week with Venus in pisces Aries, expect an exciting week! Jupiter in Aries will activate your ruling planet of mars which will amplify your charisma. The moon will also be transitioning into sagittarius on the 16th which will bring gravity to the decisions you make during this time. Have fun and welcome new opportunities. […]

ADHD medication shortages reach Oklahoma

Adderall shortages happening nationwide reach Oklahoma and are expected to make a large impact on people’s well-being. The ADHD medication shortage sweeping the nation has finally found its way to Oklahoma. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration formally announced a shortage of both Adderall and all its generic counterparts last month. The issue compounded after […]

Horoscopes 2/6/2023 – 2/11/2023

A leo full moon and Mercury crosses Pluto this week! Aries, as the moon comes out of leo on the 6th you might feel drained. You have moved from the very compatible energy of leo into a virgo moon that requires a lot more patience and calculation than you are comfortable with. Do not lose […]