Tulsa criminal defense attorney charged with multiple crimes

Last week Tulsa criminal defense attorney Jeffrey Krigel had six charges levied against him based on his long history of alleged sexual assault and rape. Last week Tulsa criminal defense attorney Jeffrey Krigel was charged with multiple crimes including rape and witness intimidation. According to the official court record, there are six total charges levied […]

Family found dead in suspected murder-suicide in Broken Arrow

Deceased couple are now considered the primary suspects in the death of their six children after the whole family was discovered dead in their burning home Authorities found eight people dead in a burning house in the Tulsa-area suburb Broken Arrow on Oct. 27 and are currently investigating it as a murder suicide. The two […]

Horoscopes 11/7/2022 – 11/13/2022

The lunar eclipse in Taurus means big changes are coming. This week on November 8th there is a lunar eclipse in Taurus. It’s going to largely affect relationships because it opposes Venus. Eclipses are times of change, it’s an uncomfortable period of uncertainty that can ultimately lead to new opportunities and releasing parts of your […]

courtesy whitehouse.gov Biden's program for student debt relief has been widely criticized.

Biden’s student debt forgiveness program is legal, but might not last

Lawsuits against The Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program beg the question: can it endure the courts? In a time where student debt in the US has reached more than $1.6 trillion, it is no wonder that people all over the nation are watching Biden’s Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program very closely. Rising college […]

Queen Elizabeth’s use of brooches as more than just an accessory

The late Queen used her own jewelry, specifically brooches, to make symbolic statements to the public. If you’ve been following the coverage of the late Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, you’ve probably seen the headlines discussing the use of jewelry at this event as more than an accessory. From the Bahrain pearl drop earrings Kate Middleton wore […]

Oklahoma school teacher resigns after being forced to censor her library

Summer Boismier faces backlash from the State of Oklahoma Education Secretary over banned books. Since 2021, dozens of bills have been passed throughout the United States regarding what one can and cannot teach in the classroom. Oklahoma recently became one of these many states with the passing of HB 1775. This anti-critical race theory bill […]