Despite the connotation of "race riot," Black residents of Greenwood were the victims of the 1921 events. courtesy Wikimedia

Greenwood 1921: A Riot or a Massacre?

As we approach the centennial of the destruction of Tulsa’s Black Wall Street, it is necessary to examine how we discuss the event. Recent years brought a great deal of controversy surrounding the language we use to discuss the 1921 attack on Greenwood, Tulsa. The most common label, “The Tulsa Race Riot,” is drilled into […]

courtesy Doug Emmet

“Sorry To Bother You” a movie for the now

The biting social commentary of “Sorry to Bother You” makes it a must-watch for 2018. “Sorry to Bother You” is the directorial debut of hip-hop artist Boots Riley, who describes the film as an “absurdist dark comedy with magical realism and science fiction, inspired by the world of telemarketing.” The film follows Cassius Green (Lakeith […]