Bolivian election contested

Former Bolivian president Evo Morales stepped down following military pressure. Last month, on Oct. 20, Bolivia held presidential elections, electing Evo Morales to a fourth term. Questions were raised as to the constitutionality of him standing for a fourth election, but the country’s supreme court ruled term limits to be unconstitutional. According to the official […]

To cope with his disease, Schuller takes a drug (3,4-DAP) which has recently undergone a massive price spike. photo by George Patterson

TU student affected by prescription drug price spike

TU senior Will Schuller is one of approximately 3,300 people affected by Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome in the United States. As an involved student athlete in high school, Will Schuller had cause for concern when his diminishing athletic performance became apparent. Schuller visited his primary care physician on Halloween of his senior year in high school. […]

Hurricane Florence ravages East Coast

After making landfall, the hurricane took dozens of lives and wrecked coastal infrastructure. Hurricane Florence made landfall in South Carolina on September 14 as a Category 1 hurricane after fluctuating back and forth between a Category 4 (more severe) and a tropical depression (less). The greatest danger it posed was not in the form of […]

Each speaker had a different perspective on the "gap" in healthcare equality, and how to bridge it. courtesy University of Tulsa Events Calendar

TU hosts experts to discuss American healthcare crisis

Six speakers, including President Clancy, took the stage at the Helmerich Center for American Research to discuss healthcare. The University of Tulsa hosted “The Roots of America’s Health Continental Divide,” a speaking event, last Tuesday. It occurred within the Helmerich Center for American Research at the Gilcrease Museum (technically still on the university campus). The […]

NPR’s Edith Chapin visits TU in The Give and Take

Chapin, in conversation with Tulsa Public Radio’s Rich Fisher, discussed ethics and humanity in journalism. On Wednesday, September 12, Public Radio Tulsa hosted one of its “The Give and Take” events. The guest speaker was Edith Chapin, executive editor of NPR news. The event was moderated by Rich Fisher, Public Radio Tulsa’s general manager. Edith […]

Prisoners nationwide continue labor strikes

Prisoners around the country seek what they call “more human rights.” This week marks the third week of action by prisoners around the country in a strike intended to bring attention to their status, living conditions and perceived lack of human rights. Organized by a group of incarcerated activists called Jailhouse Lawyers Speak and supported […]