Susan Landau, a visiting professor, advocated for civil rights organizations as a buffer between person and state. Courtesy University of Tulsa

Cybersecurity in the digital age of insecurity

Dr. Susan Landau, a visiting professor from Tufts University, discussed the conflict in the digital age between privacy and security. The age of information is in full swing, and data is the new and readily available currency. However, not everyone is happy about how easy information is to access, even if it could lead to […]

Google’s Arts & Culture app lacks class

TU undesirable used a recent update to the Google Arts & Culture app, which matches their face to a famous painting, and it ended as well as you’d expect. Yet again, Silicon Valley has slighted me. In many cases, being compared to a work of art is flattering. However, when Google tells me my selfie […]

Blue lights are scattered throughout campus and accessible to students between buildings. Photo by Michaela Flonard

Point/counterpoint: Apps, phones make blue lights obsolete

New technology has made the blue lights on campus effectively useless, and the money could be better spent elsewhere. The University of Tulsa blue lights: what exactly do these lights provide? Security or false hope? There was a time when these lights were exactly what college campuses needed, but that time has passed. Before cell […]