Four laws that weren’t voted in last week

How could our legislators leave out such robust additions? Ah yes, my favorite time of year! Oklahoma’s law changes are now in effect. More than 300 big ones are out there now, some of which allow permitless carry, place limits on opioid pills and let minors into liquor stores. All very fun, very fresh. Since […]

Easily explain your Dionsyus costume by carrying around an ancient vase featuring him. courtesy Wikipedia

Last minute DIY costumes The Collegian: 15

Halloween’s just around the corner! Need an easy costume? Keep on reading! Everyone loves Do It Yourself pages on the internet, especially when it’s almost Halloween and it’s a scramble for some last minute costumes. The problem is, the writers of those DIY Halloween costume pages seem to think the average American is a MacGyver-level […]

Tulsa makes several top ten lists for drug use

It’s official! Tulsans really like their hard drugs. I know this looks bad, but I can explain. Tulsa is third in the nation for weed use, sixth in cocaine, sixth in heroin and seventh in meth use. Some critics, negative Nellies and naysayers claim that this is bad press. But this is where T-Town can […]

SAVE’s yearly hosting of the Clothesline Project displayed in front of McFarlin Library in 2017. courtesy SAVE/Facebook

Support for survivors during Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is a time for students to educate themselves on patterns of abuse and how to keep themselves and their peers safe. October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a chance for survivors and advocates alike to raise awareness to the topic of domestic abuse and its effects on victims. Several national organizations, like Take […]

Too fast to be caught on tape, this is an artist’s rendering of The Golden Hurricanator on a rampage. graphic by Sarah Le

TU mecha-bike robot on scooter rampage

A string of campus bike burglaries led to a chilling mechanized discovery. Where the hell are all the campus bikes going? They have been stolen, misplaced and hung in trees at random times. And still there are plenty unaccounted for. Could it be that a thief means to fence them off? Not likely. Campus bikes […]

To this very day, “Phillip Engineering” remains eternally etched into Phillips Hall. photo by Sara Serrano

TU engineering student lost in Phillips Hall

Despite multiple search parties, campus security have yet to free the student from building. TU engineer Sarah N. Dipity wandered into Phillips Hall six years ago thinking she was headed to the right place. After all, the words, “Phillips Engineering” are etched into the building’s façade with clear intention of permanence. But she had no […]

Career advice for a doomed generation

We have what, maybe 30 years left? Your career decisions are obviously very important. Climate change, nuclear warfare and other apocalyptic what-not makes chances of future survival rather slim. But we are all going to be on the lookout for jobs pretty soon regardless, so here are some tips to help! 1. Embrace the futility […]