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Chebet and Jepchirchir win 126th Boston Marathon

Sports editor Callie Hummel discusses the stats and stories of the winners. On Monday, April 18, runners from across the world congregated in Boston, Massachusetts, to participate in the 126th Boston Marathon. Kenyan runners Evan Chebet and Peres Jepchirchir placed first in the men’s and women’s categories, respectively. The Boston Marathon is the world’s oldest […]

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Marshall University files lawsuit against Conference USA

Universities face stalemates while changing conferences, says sports editor Callie Hummel. As schools all over the country seem to be leaving their previous conference to join a new one, the transition has majorly affected Conference USA. Their numbers slowly diminishing and joining the Sun Belt Conference, C-USA is trying desperately to reverse the trend. Marshall […]

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Nils van der Poel gives away gold medal in protest of Chinese regime.

Sports editor Callie Hummel covers van der Poel’s disgust at the government’s record of human rights abuses. Nils van der Poel, a 25-year-old Olympian who won the first gold medal for Sweden speedskating in 34 years, recently gave one of those medals away to protest China’s human rights abuses. The speedskater made a large impact […]

There has already been a push for petroleum industry growth to combat reliance on the cartel OPEC, and an independence from Russia's supply could further independence in other countries as well. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Keystone pipeline could allow oil independence

The U.S. can’t support Ukraine and still rely on Russian oil. The Russo-Ukrainian war has once again brought with it a new aspect that government officials all over the world must wrestle with, and for President Biden, the decision is larger than most. Russia is the third-largest oil-producing country in the world, and the US […]

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Peng Shuai’s first interview after disappearance.

Sports editor Callie Hummel discusses the new claims made by tennis player Peng Shuai. After Peng Shuai, the 36-year-old, three-time Olympic tennis player, lodged the first Me Too accusation against a high-ranking member of the Communist Party in China, she went missing just to resurface and say the whole situation was a “huge misunderstanding.” On […]